Friday The 13th...

Today is Friday the 13th, otherwise known as one of the unluckiest days of the year. 
People who are scared of this day suffer from 'Friggatriskaidekaphobia' (Long... We know!) - A word almost as scary as the phobia itself.

So what are superstitions?
Superstition is a belief or practice of something that isn't entirely based on facts or reality, which is why so many have been created and still believed today.

These are the 5 most commonly believed superstitions today:

Well, this one actually seems very practical. Not walking under a ladder, especially whilst someone is on it, makes sense. However, the superstition first came from a belief in the Holy Trinity in that walking under a ladder lent against a wall, symbolises 'breaking the triangle' and that is seen as blasphemous therefore encouraging bad luck. 

Ok, so this one comes with a few added instructions - an activation code for the luck, if you will. 
You can't just use any old foot, accordingly to folklore it is only the left hind foot that brings luck and the bearer must rub it to stimulate said luck.
A rabbits foot has also been said to provide protective magic, in addition to bringing good fortune. 

Superstition states that if you break a mirror (size is irrelevant), you're sure to be doomed for the next 7 years. 
This belief was apparently first known during Roman times as they were the first to create and use glass mirrors. They said the 7 years of bad luck comes as the soul of the individual who broke it would be trapped inside (we're not entirely sure where the 7 years comes from), but a creepy thought nonetheless. 

'Knocking on' or 'Touching' wood is a superstition used by many in an attempt to warn off 'tempted fate', for example after boasting about one's future or good fortune that they believe is on it's way. 
Other theories suggest that the 'wood' is related to the Christian Faith and cross, in order to not upset a spiteful universe. 

This one is an odd one and has actually come from ancient myth. Legends abound, from a story of a Roman woman who opened her umbrella moments before her home fell down, to the tale of a British prince who accepted two umbrellas a gift from a king then happened to die mere months later. This could just be coincidence but you still could poke someones eye out so we suggest that you don't open your umbrellas inside!

We personally don't know if we truly believe these superstitions.. However, for those of you who do - Here's how to get rid of your 'bad luck'.

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