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From Liza to Ladyboys….The Origins of Cabaret

From Liza to Lady Boys….The Origins of Cabaret The sights, the sounds, the girls, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the infectious atmosphere of a blazing hot cabaret performance, the place where audience and show meet in the middle to create an intimate, one of a kind experience. Cabaret shows may give off an air of contemporary culture, such risqué and seductive performances couldn’t have been popular in the past, when lips were stiffly locked in an upright position. Well cabaret is in fact an art form steeped in history, evolving and changing throughout the last century to culminate in the Lady Boys of Bangkok show you know and love.Etymologically speaking the word cabaret’s first recorded use was in 1655, likely derived from the Middle Dutch word for tavern ‘cambret’, this is because cabaret actually refers to the performance venue such as a restaurant, night clu b….or the one and only Sabai Pavilion.     The word in modern t