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Super Simple Thai Recipe

Thai cuisine is a favourite at Gandey World Class Productions HQ, with it's unique flavour combinations which pack a tasty punch, alongside super simple recipes which are surprisingly affordable too. Thai food is a brilliant way to impress at a dinner party, or to whip up for the family as a tasty treat. If you've been to one of the Lady Boys of Bangkok shows in the stunning Sabai Pavilion you may have tasted the wonder of authentic Thai food there and be dying to recreate the flavours experienced at home! Unfortunately though, you can't take our resident chef home with you....But before you become too upset, this is where our blog comes in to save your taste buds day! {source}

Sharing A Smile

The Chinese State Circus are still out in Angola and having a brilliant time performing for everyone who is attending their shows! And boy, is there a lot of people to perform too! Not only is it a great pleasure for The Chinese State Circus to be over there, making history by being the first international entertainment to perform live in over 40 years(!). But it's also been a great opportunity to share a smile and spread a little bit of joy throughout this amazing location. This week The Chinese State Circus have visited two Hospitals which are caring for sick and poorly children, and they have enjoyed every moment of performing to and meeting these brave little treasures. 

Shrewsbury Theatre Severn

Continuing exploring the beautiful venues in which some of our shows will be gracing over the next year, we hop over to Shrewsbury and their Theatre Severn . On the 5th and 6th February 2013, the Chinese State Circus will be taking to the stage in this gorgeous West Midlands market town. A relatively new landmark in Shrewsbury, only being officially opened in March 2009, the Theatre Severn is located on Frankwell Quay, which is a beautiful riverside location situated on one of the main gateways to the town. {source}

Journey To The West

So you're fully aware by now that The Chinese State Circus is kind of a big deal around here. With their 2013 tour already receiving a great number of ticket sales, we thought we'd give you a little bit more of a glance into some of the history and culture surrounding the show. Not only is the Chinese State Circus one of the most awe inspiring live stage shows you can see (and calling it just a 'show is somewhat of an understatement!) but it's also one of the most perfected circus acts from around the globe. Their circus performers are acrobatics who literally eat, sleep and breathe enthusiasm for the acrobatic and skilled choreography of the shows. Acrobatic's has played an important role in cultural exchanges between China and other nations and in the past 35 years, Chinese acrobatic troupes have toured more than 100 countries and regions throughout the world. Their excellent performances were warmly welcomed and highly appreciated by the people of various co

Pinch Punch First of the Month

On the 1st of February The Chinese State Circus will be skipping across to Buxton Opera House , continuing their Yin Yang tour! Buxton is a beautiful little spa town in Derbyshire, a stone's throw away from Manchester and situated close to the county boundary, with Staffordshire to one side and picturesque Cheshire on the other.  { source }

All About Angola!

If you follow the Chinese State Circus on Facebook , then you're already aware that the show has been going down a treat during their début performances in Angola ! The African premier of the   production "Mulan" opened on Friday 30th November, and has been an amazing experience for all involved. The Chinese State Circus was honoured to be part of making history - being the first international entertainment Angola has hosted in over 40 years! 

The Chinese State Circus in Edinburgh!

The Chinese State Circus will be in staying in beautiful bonny Scotland for the second venue on their 2013 tour - Yin Yang! After their opening nights at Glasgow King's Theatre on the 29th and 30th of January, the Chinese State Circus will be hitting the Edinburgh Playhouse on the 31st to perform their unique, breathtaking acts of circus wizardry!

The Chinese State Circus 2013 Tour!

Gandey World Class Productions are proud to present the amazing Chinese State Circus  tour dates for 2013! The Chinese State Circus   will be kicking off in Glasgow this January for the first shows of their brand new production 'Yin Yang'. Performing at the exquisite Glasgow Kings Theatre on the 29th and 30th of January, the Chinese State Circus will prove to be a family day out like no other - not to be missed!


Hello and welcome to the brand new blog for  Gandey World Class Productions! With the end of the year drawing in and the new one just upon us, we decided that to become a bit more '2013' we'd set up a blog to keep fans of our productions (old and new!) updated with the latest goings on. Covering all types of topics - from the shows themselves, to locations and venues whilst also delving into some culture! We plan to update regularly and there'll always be something for everyone to enjoy and share. So, what productions are  Gandey World Class Productions    responsible for? You're probably already familiar with our glorious   Lady Boys of Bangkok  who have just polished off their 2012 Carnival Queen tour. Don't worry if you missed them though, as there's plenty of dates planned for 2013 with their stunning new show. The  Lady Boys of Bangkok ,  as always, will be offering a mixture of comedy, cabaret and lady boy capers alongside the usual stunning co