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And The Winner Is....

Recently you would have seen us tweeting about our fabulous Make Up Challenge in collaboration with some super UK Beauty Bloggers and cult make up brand Stargazer. Well, the results are in and we can now announce that the winner is: LILY from Beauty's Bad Habit! Congratulations Lily! Here are the other entries: Heather's Glittery Butterfly Look Marvelle's Marvellously Glamorous Creation and  Aqeela's Gorgeous Glamour Style Thank you all for taking part, it was super fun!! Stay tuned for more challenges and competitions like this in the future! 

A Tasty Treat from Baker Days

When Gandey HQ were offered the chance to review a delicious freshly baked cake from Baker Days recently we couldn't resist the opportunity! Not only do Baker Days bake the cakes to order, but they also offer you the choice of personalising it with your own design! Designed to fit through our post box at the office, we simply couldn't resist having a little celebration in honour of the amazing The Lady Boys of Bangkok Tour  so had their glamorous logo as our design on top of the cake!  The cake itself was amongst the richest and most divine to grace our lunch break. With a lovely moist texture presented in an attractive gift tin, the Baker Days cake exceeded our expectations with it's tastiness. The icing was maybe ever so slightly too sweet for such a delicate cake, but regardless of this the entire cake was devoured in one swoop by the team. We also shared the cake over on The Lady Boys of Bangkok Facebook page which received a lot of admiration! You can order

Tiger Temple Thailand

Thailand is well known for it's tourist attractions. From the Lady Boys in the Bangkok district to the beautiful temples and ancient cities, if variety is the spice of life then Thailand is that super hot curry which lingers in your mouth for hours after you've eaten it. There's something for everyone in Thailand with a constant stream of things to do. One of the more controversial and rather interesting attractions for tourists to sink their teeth in to is the renowned Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi where Buddhist monks have a hands-on relationship with the Tigers in a remarkably up close environment. The Tiger Temple, also known as 'Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua' to native speakers, was founded in 1994 after a cub was taken in when it's mother fell victim to poachers. Since this the tiger population of the Temple has risen to around 100 of these feline friends, a majority of which came to the temple as cubs and grown in to the fabulously majestic cat's they are