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Red Nose Day 2017

It's Red Nose Day today – a day when lovely charitable people across the UK cast their inhibitions aside, pop on a big red nose and fundraise in imaginative wacky and wonderful ways!  Red Nose Day is organised by Comic Relief and occurs every two years. The 'red nose' in the name is inspired by the traditional red noses of clowns, of course, so we can be forgiven for thinking of our very own Chico Rico whenever we hear the words! Lots of celebrities normally get involved in the fundraising, with the BBC hosting a widely-anticipated evening of comedy sketches and antics, interspersed with the touching real life footage of those less fortunate, which reminds us why fundraising is so important. It's a great cause, with Comic Relief having raised over £1bn since its launch in 1988! So what highlights can we expect to grace our TVs tonight? James Corden's Car Pool Karaoke special – Take That are in LA with The Late Late Show

St Patrick's Day 2017

It's St Patrick's Day today – or St Paddy's Day, as it is sometimes more colloquially known. In Britain, it's notably a day when revellers wear fake ginger beards and over-sized green top hats to work, before retiring early to the pub for a pint (or several) of thick, dark Irish stout .  But do you know who St Patrick was? Or how other countries celebrate the day? Let's find out! The first thing you should know about St Patrick is that he is not technically a Saint – he was never canonised by the church. Nor was he born Irish. Nor was his name Patrick! So who was he? The generally accepted theory is that Paddy was born in Scotland and named Maewyn Succat , with Patricius being his Romanicised name – this was later shortened to Patrick. You may have heard the legend that St Paddy drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Whilst it's a good story, this does not seem to be true. Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave, and during six years of slav

Women's History Month 2017

On Wednesday (8th March2017) all over the globe International Women's Day (IWD) was celebrated, commemorating the movement for women's rights.  IWD first started in 1909 in New York but has since then become a world wide event and lead to the designation of Women's History Month as created by National Women's History Project  in 1987, which now takes place during the month of March.  This year's theme for the event is ' Be Bold for Change ' and women everywhere are taking bold actions to help progress better outcomes for women in all walks of life. A number of women have been celebrated for being 'Bold for Change' so far, these ladies are just to name a few:  Ida Wells - American journalist, suffragist, and civil rights activist Lotfia El Nadi - Egypt’s first female pilot Frida Kahlo - Mexican painter and activist Lina Bo Bardi - Italian-born Brazilian architect Olga Skorokhodova - Soviet scientist and researche

A day at the circus

We had a new starter last week. So we thought, 'what better way to introduce somebody to Gandey World Class Productions than to send them to the Gandey's Circus'! It turned out that not only had he never been to one of our circuses before... he'd never been to any circus! Here are his thoughts: ---------------------------------------------------- I've never been to the circus before. Well, that's not strictly true. I don't remember ever going to the circus.  I'm told by my parents that they did take me once when I was about four years old, but my older brother didn't like the clowns - so we never went back. I have a hazy recollection of elephants performing in the ring (back when the the use of animals was commonplace), but I don't know if it's a real memory, or a false one picked up vicariously through television. So, when I was asked to visit Gandey's Circus in Aintree last Friday, as an introduction to m