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Oscars 2017 predictions

Dry clean your tuxedo or dust-off your designer dress – it's Oscar season!    The biggest day in Hollywood's calendar looms once again, with the 89th Academy Awards taking place this Sunday. There may be shocks, there may be surprises, there will certainly be speeches, and plenty of tears – crocodile or otherwise.   In preparation for Sunday's ceremony, we're going to take you through the nominees of the most eagerly-anticipated awards, and predict who we think will take home the statuettes.   So, fetch yourself a bucket of popcorn, turn your mobile phone onto silent, and put on your 3D glasses now...       BEST PICTURE   This is the big one! Always the most hotly-contested category and the most prestigious prize to take home. Is there a clear winner this year or are the nominees as balanced as an acrobat on a tightrope?   Nominees: Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell Or High Water Hidden Figures La La

Brit Awards 2017

This year's Brit Awards ceremony graced our television screens last night, with the biggest names in the UK pop industry all gathered for an evening of winners and woes. The coveted statuettes took on a different shape this year, thanks to a quirky design by  Zaha Hadid – although they look like they'd been left out in the sun and melted to us! The late, undeniably great David Bowie took home two of the main prizes, which serves as a fitting tribute to a man who had such a tremendous effect on British pop music throughout his outstanding career. The show was as glitzy and glamorous as ever. But if you were hoping for some of the traditional mishaps that have made headlines in past events , then you won't have been disappointed. One particularly memorable incident occurred when a backing dancer, dressed as a house, fell off the stage during Katy Perry 's performance! Without further ado, the winners of the Brits 2017 were: Bri

8 of Our Favourite Tweets From UK Pun Day

Whilst love and Valentine's Day may have been on many people's lips this week, the wordsmiths amongst us were seduced by a different mistress... UK Pun Day! "My dog's learning to speak a foreign language." "Español?" "No, he's a labrador." — GlennyRodge (@GlennyRodge) July 18, 2015 The unofficial national holiday is the brainchild of Leicester Comedy Festival – a day on which lovers of wordplay are encouraged to craft and share puns on social media and appreciate the efforts of others, all culminating in the UK Pun Championships at De Montfort Hall on Monday night. The puns were out in full force, particularly on Twitter. They varied from sigh-inducingly cheesy to painfully clever. Some fell flat (you could say they were punsuccessful), whereas others were pundamentally brilliant. But all – or at least most – drew a smile.  Here's a selection of our favourites from #UKPunDay: A gang were caught

Valentines Day...

On February 14th every year, gifts and gestures of love are exchanged across the globe in celebration of St.Valentine.  St. Valentine comes from the legend that he served as a priest in Rome in the 3rd century. When Emperor Claudius 2nd outlawed marriage for young men as when single they made better soldiers, St Valentine saw this as a great injustice and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When his actions were uncovered, the Emperor ordered him to death... not the cheeriest of legends we must admit! So if your celebrating Valentines this year with your partners, why not ditch the chocs and flowers and go alternative - we've put together the perfect list of unusual gifts for you to give this year! 1. Name a Star have made it possible for you to name a star after your loved one! When you buy this gift you will receive a certificate of authentication, a framed poster and a star map of where to locate your star all for only

The announcement of the cast for Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 9...

RuPaul's Drag Race is an American reality competition which documents RuPaul and his search for America's biggest Drag superstar. The competition employs a panel of judges of famous guest faces to critic the contestants on different tasks throughout the show. RuPaul's Drag race has spanned 8 seasons, with a 9th just announced. The show's popularity soared and now holds the title of most viewed programme on Logo-TV  and is now aired worldwide. The show embraces diversity and openly welcomes and celebrates the LGBT community with a great platform for some of the most fabulous Drag Queens that give the Lady Boys of Bangkok a run for their money! Previous winners are as follows: Bebe Zahara Benet - Season 1 Tyra Sanchez - Season 2 Raja - Season 3 Sharon Needles - Season 4 Jinkx Monsoon - Season 5 Bianca Del Rio - Season 6 Violet Chachki - Season 7 Bob the Drag Queen - Season 8 You can really se