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Saving the Brighton Hippodrome

Brighton Hippodrome The Brighton Hippodrome was, or should we say is, a lavish full size theatre venue which was constructed in 1897 and hosted ice rinks, circus acts, variety theatre, vaudeville shows and even world renowned bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Since it's hay day the beautiful venue has fallen into disrepair. It was used a bingo hall for 40 years, which eventually shut down and since 2007 has been completely empty. In recent years, 2 local groups have rose up to champion the Brighton Hippodrome in an effort to restore it to pasts glories and open it up to the public, if not at full then at least some capacity. These groups are the Our Brighton Hippodrome and Brighton Hippodrome CIC . With the help of local and national trusts, the public and private investors they hope to re-open the hippodrome as a public venue, potentially, given enough investment, as early as 2018.  There are three possible options for restoration: