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Cocktails of Bangkok!

Are you sick of the typical English pub clichés, Carling not quenching your thirst? Is your Coke and Rum causing a despairing roll of the eyes in your face region? Well seen as it's summer in what appears to be name more than climate, we thought we would treat you lovely people to some Thai inspired red hot cocktails - courtesy of the Lady Boys of Bangkok . Why not add a splash of colour to your summer?  So this is how it's going to work, first there will be a list of ingredients, then maybe a picture and a short description with some possible puns thrown in for good measure, the perfect recipe for a cocktail recipe blog (is that a pun?).  Anyway f irst up is a cocktail named after it's deserty forefather, Mango Sticky Rice a popular desert in Thailand which now comes in a handy drinkable form.     What you'll need: 2 oz. Rice Vodka (You can use grainy normal vodka as well) 2 oz. Malibu Rum 1/2 Whole Fresh Mango 1/2 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice 1 oz. Va

The Lady Boys of Manchester

The time has finally arrived and the Lady Boys of Bangkok have landed in the one and only northern heart of England - Manchester, for 10 party filled days of exuberant glamour! To celebrate our return to one of our favourite cities in the UK, Manchester are throwing a celebratory parade in our honour, for some reason it's been dubbed 'Manchester Day' which is rather confusing, but nevertheless we are flattered! Big headedness aside ' Manchester Day ' is annual event which is taking place this Sunday, celebrating all things Manchestery! From cotton to canal street, Manchester is a one of the cultural hubs of England and this is a day to revel in that. What better way to celebrate than with a menagerie of street performers and a parade, I mean who doesn't love a parade? We here at Lady Boys HQ certainly do, and the Lady's will no doubt be soaking up the culture when they get there time off in town. If your in Manchester this weekend enjoying

Red Hot World Cup!

Well it’s here and whether you like it or not you’re going to be hearing rather a lot of the World and this Cup it’s so interested in over the next month. Even if you have little interest in the beautiful game generally, it’s hard not to find yourself swept up in the tide of patriotism that engulfs England for a month every four years. Flags waving tirelessly out of windows of cars, St Georges Cross’s hanging out of every pub window, those annoying horns from South Africa and the all-important quintessential World Cup song! Thailand isn't in the world cup this year so all of the LadyBoys  sequinned and glittering support is being given to England, their home away from home! If you know us here at the Lady Boys you know were all about the beats, and that the Lady love nothing better than an excuse to strut their stuff! This raison d'être even rings true when it comes to World Cup Songs - so today we have a run-down of our favourites from Shakira to Fat Les, the