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Life, the Universe and Hen Parties

Life, the Universe and Hen Parties ‘Hen Parties’, the very thought of their hen do can strike a feeling of sheer unadulterated excitement in the heart of any budding bride to be, with visions of a raucous night on the town with their closest lady friends and to a slightly lesser degree incelebration of their impending nuptials.   I think it’s safe to say that most of us will have seen the tell-tale of signs of a hen do at one time or another, L-plates, feather bowers, high heels, a distinct lack of inhibitions and the odd traffic cone, but what are the origins of this last hurrah for freedom? It certainly wasn’t William Wallace or even George Michael if that’s what you’re thinking, thoughFreedomis a corker of a song. The extent of my knowledge on the genesis of hen party culture, which granted is only that which anyone can attain from a google search and aflick through Brides magazine , has led me to discover that hen dos are actually a tradition steep ed

An update on the Pattaya Street Kids Charity

Pattaya Street Kids Update…. The Lady Boys of Bangkok ar en’t just about glamour, glitz and sizzling cabaret; there is also a soft, empathic side to these androgynous beauties portrayed by the charitable causes we and our audiences choose to support. Charity is something that this world can never be short of, however the distal properties of pictures and news reports can cause people to become dissociated with the suffering of others. The aim of this post is to bring to light a very special cause that is close to the heart of the Lady Boys of Bangkok team. Our official charity is the Pattaya Street Kids Support Project (PSKSP), this fantastic cause aims to relieve financial hardship and advance the education of children under 18 who live on the streets or in slums of the coastal city of Pattaya in Thailand (pictured below). The city is one of Thailand’s most popular beach resorts located around 165km south east of Bangkok, due to its popularity with to