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Strong Women in Circus

In honour of International Women's Day and the 'Women in Circus' movement, we would like to share these photos of strong women with whom we have worked - past and present. Women who inspire us here at Gandey World Class Productions , and who influence and empower other women across the world. There are many strong circus women who we have not mentioned here. Please be aware that this list is by no means definitive – there are so many more strong women whom we would have loved to include, and who remain an important part of the Gandey family. The pictures can also be found in a Flickr album here . Mary Gandey: Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Performer – the foundation upon which Gandeys as we know it was built Carol Gandey: Director and Producer – Gandey World Class Productions Hayley Gandey: Circus Director and Performer – Gandeys Circus Coral Gandey: Brand Manager, London Mariska Gandey: Circus Performer – Gandeys Circus Andreea D

Staffordshire local wins big at the Oscars

In this industry, it is always a pleasure to see a fellow creative do well and get recognition for their work. It's particularly inspiring when they are a local talent who has received recognition on the very highest level! We are delighted for Staffordshire local, Rachel Shenton, who won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film at the 90th Academy Awards this weekend! Rachel, along with her partner Chris Overton, created the wonderful short film 'The Silent Child', which was filmed entirely in Staffordshire and focuses on a deaf child learning to communicate through sign language. Rachel earned even more praise at the awards ceremony by giving her acceptance speech in sign language! Here is the trailer for 'The Silent Child'.

Our Guide to Style & Entertainment For March

March! Already, it only feels like last week we were watching fireworks as we entered 2018. As we enter March, a month typically associated with new beginnings, it seems only fitting to share some of our favourite things at the moment. We’re excited to see Lady Bird Having only come out a few days ago , Lady Bird has been hyped up for months and we cannot wait to finally watch it! Nominated for five different Oscars, it tells the tale of a relationship between a mother and daughter who are equally strong willed and stubborn. From the trailers the film seems aesthetically pleasing for those with an artistic eye and has an edge to it for those quirkier folk. Starring as Lady Bird is Irish actress Saoirse Ronan who is well known for her roles in films such as The Lovely Bones, Byzantium and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Boogie to No Hot Ashes There are an uncountable number of talented bands in the UK’s up-and-coming scene, one of ou