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Hong Kong 2019

Hong Kong's literal translation is 'spice' or 'fragrant harbour' from Cantonese.  Maybe you would like to try somewhere new in 2019? We've the perfect destination for you. It's centre, a faraway metropolis, rich in culture and class. Our choice for planning a trip in the new year is: Hong Kong. Here are some of the most appealing things to do and see there.  So, where exactly is Hong Kong ? (thanks google maps) Here's a close up  Hong Kong ? (thanks again google maps) To put into perspective, Hong Kong is 63 times smaller than Ireland but has 2.2 more million people living there. It is on the southeast coast of China and is made up of Kowloon, New territories, Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island as well as 200 smaller peripheral islands. Hong Kong has transformed from a small group of fishing villages into a cosmopolitan hub for international trade. You might

Christmas Trends 2018

Whether you want to be on or off trend, here is a collection of what Christmas 2018 will look like regardless. DECORATIONS The Christmas tree is iconic and is an essential decorative feature for most Xmas loving households. But do you know when the tree should actually go up? Answer: whenever you want! Traditionally the Christmas tree was both hoisted up and decorated on Christmas Eve. So much effort in so little time. Suggestions when to include: the start of advent, the 2nd Saturday of December or 12 days before Christmas Day. We recommend around two weeks before as needles will drop and sheen will be lost.  There's a consensus that the tree comes down on the 12th Day of Christmas. If that's the 5th or 6th of January is a whole other debate. John Lewis' roygbiv tree. Traditional colour schemes are taking a back seat. More mismatching colours, pastels and even the rainbow are on the rise for your Christmas pine this year. 

December's Top Picks

TRAVEL We can think of a very topical place to visit this month. It's a popular destination for those wanting to meet a very magical man.  He's a big chap with white hair and beard to match.  He's fond of the colour red and has a few hooves to help him along his merry way.  (Bonus points if you can work out how many hooves help him!) Keep scrolling to see if you were right. He probably lives somewhere cosy like this. Click on the link below or these beautiful snowy pics and find out about a trip to Lapland, Finland. This authentic account may persuade you to go. After reading about what you might expect, you could find yourself on a Finnish family expedition. We'll let you have either 32 or 36 hooves in total! Now for the real challenge.   Can you name who they belong to? We'll start you off with

Disney’s Dumbo remake – and our favourite circus adaptations on stage and screen

The full trailer for the live action remake of the classic Disney cartoon Dumbo has been released, and it’s going straight to the top of our film watchlist. In 1941 – and despite being only 64 minutes long – Dumbo was pretty revolutionary for its advances in animation techniques. It’s an enduring family favourite and many consider it an essential part of the Disney films canon. It also won an Oscar for best music! That’s quite a lot to live up to, and the new movie has an intriguingly different feel thanks to the direction of Tim Burton (The Nightmare Before Chirstmas, Edward Scissorhands), so you can bet it’ll be an interesting watch. We’re sure the heartfelt story will be in safe hands with Burton, and his impressive cast which includes Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Eva Green. This new version will be released in 2019. Dumbo tells the tale of a flying elephant who is bullied for his giant ears, separated from his mother and made to perform with