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Easter 2019

Reminding ourselves what Easter  is all about Easter falls on Sunday 21st of April this year and is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Did you fast or give something up for Lent? Even if you didn't, We know you'll treat yourself to a little chocolate. You might as well know what has caught our eyes. Just be careful, p arts of the UK this Easter weekend could experience a warmer climate than Corfu! Do Easter like The Durrells ... ...but keep your eggs cool and away from the sun! LOOK AWAY NOW!   Now for a little LAD Bible click-bait. Someone has shared a picture of a Cadbury's Creme Egg next to a 2 pence coin... and next to that is sugar. Yes, the equivalent amount inside that creme egg. 6 teaspoons. Imagine that in your next cup of tea. It's actually more than the UK's Government guidance for a child's daily allowance of sugar. But we can enjoy most things in moderation, can't we? 26 gram