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The Salieri International Circus Awards

The Salieri International Circus Awards THE COMBINATION OF CLASSICAL MUSIC AND CIRCUS ARTS The Salieri International Circus Awards  is a prestigious circus festival where more than 50 international artists compete against each other accompanied by a live symphony orchestra. The festival is dedicated to the musician Antonio Salieri who was born in Legnago and to whom the city has dedicated its theatre  The Salieri Theatre .  The history of the Salieri Theatre begins in the early twentieth century. It was finally inaugurated in1956 and for over thirty years its programme has always been full of theatrical performances, as well as being used as a cinema. It was then refurbished in 1999 and used as a theatre ever since. Carol Gandey was invited for the second time to be a member of an international all female jury for The Salieri Circus Festival based in Legnago (near Verona) which is also the birthplace of Salieri, a well-known composer.  Artists were judged and awarded for technical abil

Our Homecoming!

Our homecoming in Scotland!    AYE, it’s good to be back! It’s already been a great summer in the UK, with the England’s Lioness’ winning the Women’s Euros 2022 , and a successful week at the Common Wealth Games , it’s time for the return of one of the Uk’s biggest events… The Fringe Festival Edinburgh! After a tough couple of years gambling with Covid, The Ladyboys are thrilled to be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year on 6 th August, with their newest show: Summer of Fun! 1998 was the year it all began for The Ladyboys, with their first ever performance in Edinburgh, it’s definitely a proud moment as they return for the 24 th year consecutively, and to still be such a hit in Scotland! How did ‘The Fringe’ Festival get its name in Edinburgh? The story of the Fringe Festival dates back to 1947 where 8 theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at ‘Edinburgh International Festival’ which was originally created to celebrate European cultural live fo