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Safe Child Thailand

The Lady Boys of Bangkok is proud to support  Safe Child Thailand . With generous donations from our audiences across the country, we have already made a huge impact in the lives of children in Thailand and we hope to make many more life-changing contributions in the foreseeable future. We began raising money for Safe Child Thailand in the latter half of 2017. By November 2017 we had already raised a staggering £11,394 with the help of our wonderful audiences. The charity aims to identify and safeguard at-risk children in Thailand and empower them to reach their fullest potential. It has been running for over 30 years with the vision of a Thailand where all children are respected, protected and enjoy equal opportunities. On behalf of the charity, we wish to thank everyone who has donated to Safe Child Thailand through the collections at our shows. We will continue to collect for this fantastic cause in 2018 and feel confident that our ever-generous audiences

Christmas Adverts 2017 - which is your favourite?

It has become something of a tradition in recent years for certain high street stores and supermarkets to splash the cash on a big budget Christmas advert - usually with an emotional punch and a song that will stick in your head for days. TV Christmas Adverts have always had a way of signalling the start of the festive season. We can't deny that we have always felt a pang of excitement when we first hear Coca Cola's Holidays are Coming song on TV at the beginning of winter - or the Toys R Us theme musically describing a ' magical place ' that sounds like a paradise for children of all ages. This newer trend for adverts has taken it up a level though. No longer do the adverts signal the event, but the release of the adverts themselves had become an anticipated event in itself, with some stores even ' teasing ' the release of the adverts a few days before they land. And you know what... we love it!! Here is this year's selection of the

Lady Boys of Bangkok: Performer of the Year 2017

It's that time of year again...  The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and The Lady Boys of Bangkok is in its final exhilarating week of this year's tour.  Which can only mean one thing... the time has come to vote for this year's Lady Boys of Bangkok Performer of the Year! It's a great award to win, and one that our performers all take very seriously - so it's up to us to ensure the award goes to the person who we all believe has earned it. So we made it as fair as possible and went around everybody we could think of to gather their votes. We asked our wonderful crew who work hard behind the scenes, our fantastic office team, our fabulous front of house staff, our amazing box office squad, and of course the LadyBoys themselves to submit their choices for Performer of the Year. If there is one thing that everybody unanimously agreed on, it was that this year has been one of the hardest yet to decide on just one pe

The Great Circus of Europe

Christmas is getting closer! Some families like to spend a traditional Christmas at home around the fire every year, whilst others prefer to get away and spend the festive season somewhere new - whether it be a warm beach or a cold ski slope. Well our circus family will be leaving on a jet plane this December and heading away (a long way away) to Hong Kong !! You heard us right! We will be appearing in Hong Kong this winter to entertain and thrill audiences across the globe - as The Great Circus of Europe ! With a carefully chosen galaxy of its greatest international Big Top stars, the show with the “too-good-to-miss” factor opens on 20th December 2017 at Central Harbourfront Event Space and runs through until 25th February 2018. From the breathtaking thrills of high wire walkers forming a human pyramid as they balance more than 8 metres above the ring … to the side-splitting antics of the UK’s most popular clown. From the jaw-dropping high speed mo

The Philip Astley Project - an evening at The Rotary Club

Andrew Van Buren and Carol Gandey took the stage last night to speak to the Rotary Club about The Philip Astley Project that will be coming to Newcastle-under-Lyme and throughout the UK next year, in what turned out to be a very interesting and entertaining evening.  The Philip Astley Project  was formed in 2015 to celebrate Philip Astley as part of the nationwide Circus250 celebrations that will be taking place next year. 2018 is the 250th anniversary of the modern circus and thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, and sponsorship from businesses, people will be able to get involved in workshops, talks, an exhibition, and performances. Activities began in 2017, leading up to AstleyFest - a one-day festival to celebrate Astley in August 2018. Gandeys Circus is proud to be supporting The Philip Astley Project and working closely with Andrew Van Buren to celebrate the life of this Newcastle-under-Lyme born man known as "the father of modern circu