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The Royal Wedding

As the Royal Wedding is tomorrow we thought we’d help you get excited with some recipe recommendations. Lemon and Elderflower cake is the choice of Meghan and Harry, so why not make your own to enjoy whilst you’re watching the big day? We found a recipe that sounds delightful for you to make at home! And what’s just as good as cake? Cocktails of course. These French Pear Martini cocktails sound perfect to sip on whilst eating your cake and watching the big day! But the big question on everyone's mind is what is Meghan going to wear? We have absolutely no doubt she will look incredibly beautiful. But let's hope she hasn't been talking to any of the below dress designers...

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. So, we wanted to try and address the people who do not suffer with mental health but know somebody who does or is perhaps suspicious of someone suffering. This post is mainly focused on depression but may help people with anxiety and other forms of mental illness.     Recently in the past few years many people within the media have taken their own lives, everyone is always shocked because 'they never appeared to be suffering'. When this happens, everyone will post about how you don't know what is really going on in people’s heads. And it's great that people are saying that, because it's true. But I feel like these people don't really mean it, or they can't take that and apply it to the people they actually know, to their own children and relatives. I understand it's hard to look at someone who you love and perceive to be full of life and then discover that inside something in them is rotting and dark

Eurovision 2018

Tomorrow marks the Finals of the Eurovision, the 26 finalists are; Ukraine Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, Austria, Estonia, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Serbia, Germany, Albania, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia, Finland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Sweden, Hungary, Israel, The Netherlands, Ireland, Cyprus, Italy. China have been banned from broadcasting the Eurovision Finals. ‘(CNN)Organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest, the riotously camp transcontinental music competition, have banned a Chinese TV station from broadcasting Saturday's final after it censored an LGBT-themed performance.’ The EBU states that "This is not in line with the EBU's values of universality and inclusivity and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music." The Eurovision is a celebration of minority, it is a place that has celebrated the LGBT community and has a universal appeal across all genders. One of the most famous examples of this is

Guest Blog: Andrew Van Buren – Philip Astley Monument

The unveiling of The UK’s First Permanent Monument to Philip Astley & his legacy of the Circus By Andrew Van Buren Images by Andrew Lewis Thankfully it was a gloriously sunny day for the unveil of the country’s first permanent monument to Newcastle-under-Lyme born Philip Astley, the original Ringmaster & creator of the modern day circus and his legacy. I had been working towards 21st April 2018 for a good many months, wanting to pull together a number of threads to celebrate World Circus Day in Newcastle-under-Lyme and this monument was the icing on the cake. Realise Foundation Charity , which encompasses Aspire Housing and PM Training had agreed to create and house the monument. During several meetings designer Candida Kelsall created the image, which was then built by 17 year old PM Training apprentice Liam Robinson. It was placed on its St George Street (ST5 1JX) site on the boundary of Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke on Trent

May's Top Picks

Music Courtney Barnett is releasing her second album ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ on the 18 th May under Milk!, Mom + Pop, Marathon Artists. This is the album we’re most excited about this month, Barnett Film Obviously, the film we’re excited for this month is Star Wars: A Solo Story. The film is being released on the 25th of this month. The greatest Science Fiction tale is expending to give us a back story on one of it’s most beloved characters, who isn’t excited for that? We can’t wait for some mocking Han humour. Though admittedly, I’m sure like many other people, we are quite nervous to see someone other than Harrison Ford fill the boots (or should we say the waist jacket?) that are Han Solo. Let’s just hope Alden Ehrenreich has done a good job! Restaurant As The Lady Boys of Bangkok are heading to Brighton soon, we figured that it would be a good idea to pick a restaurant this month that is based in Brighton. 64 Degrees has our mouths watering as we s