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Butlin's Ahoy.....

Butlin's is a rather contentious word in the British holiday-makers vocabulary, to some it's a good activity filled family get-away and to others its....well....not...there is one thing for sure however, Butlin's is a household name here in the UK and its popularity continues to grow to this day. Butlin's started its life in the mind of the  amazingly alliteratively named Billy Butlin, from whom I think it's safe to say it gets it's namesake, it's a good job they didn't go off his full name  Sir William Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin Resort...doesn't quite have the same ring. The enigmatic 'Billy' Butlin was born in South Africa to the son of a clergyman!! No, not a preacher man sorry Dusty . His origins were rather turbulent as far as childhoods go, he moved from South Africa to England following his parents divorce at the age of 7. Whilst in England he began travelling the country with his Grandmothers fair, something we her

Bonnie old Scotland!!

The kilts have been dusted, the coats have been adorned and tartan is well a truly in this can only mean one thing The Lady Boys of Bangkok are back Scotland! Scotland holds a special place in he heart of the Lady Boys because it was Edinburgh fringe where we first unleashed our unique take on cabaret to the world and it's been a glittery roller-coaster ride since then. So it's thanks to the adventurous Scots who gave our, lets face it rather 'different' show a chance that we now have the annual Lady Boys of Bangkok tours taking place throughout the UK. So a big mwahh to you Scotland! In celebration of our Scottish heritage this blog will be about all the glorious happenings in Bonnie Scotland this fair 2014!! May as well start off with the most quintessentially Scottish part of the blog, the age old Highland Games .  Now you may be expecting a subliming professional photoshop of a Lady Boy caber tossing and you'd be right....Ole doesn'