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An updates from our chosen charity - Pattaya Street Kids

PATTAYA STREET KIDS UPDATE As the die hard Lady Boys of Bangkok fan that we know you are, you will have undoubtedly heard of of our chosen charity the Pattaya Street Kids and the amazing work they do for impoverished children in Thailand. You may also know that the collections we hold go directly to the charity and that over the years, with the help of you our audiences, we've raised tens of thousands of pounds for this great cause. So today we have a quick update on the amazing work that has recently been done by Pattaya Steet Kids with the help of you kind donations. These are direct quotes from Don Ford, the treasurer and trustee of Pattaya Street Kids, in his recent newsletter. The Lady Boys of Bangkok The Gala Fund Raising Evening on June 11th at the Lady Boys of Bangkok show in Brighton raised  £1,658 and our thanks go to all of our helpers who turned out to sell the Prize Draw tickets. It was  particularly good to see both Phil Marten and Jim Tourle, both