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Happy Birthday to Andrew Van Buren and celebrating the history of the British circus!

Today on the Gandeys World Class Productions blog, we're taking the opportunity to celebrate birthday of Andrew Van Buren; performer, showman and member of circus history. To mark this special occasion, we're giving you a further insight into the colourful and remarkable history of British circus! Andrew Van Buren is known for using highly visual circus skills How British circus began English equestrian Philip Astley created performances and tricks surrounding horses based in a 42-foot diameter ring, now the universally known circus ring. Originally from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, his hometown now pays tribute to the circus creator in the form of The Phillip Astley Project  which has educated the public through talks, workshops and exhibitions, on his life and work. Now, you can find bespoke circus-themed sculptures in honour of Philip Astley in his birth town. Gandey's circus director, Carol Gandey, with some of the cast Fred Van Buren Known as an illus

A coffee break with... Camila

To celebrate Gandey's circus returning to Butlins Minehead, Skegness and Bognor Regis this year, we've decided to give you an opportunity to sit down, grab a brew and find out the answers to all the things you've wanted to know about our wonderful cast! Have you ever been itching to know the pre-show ritual of a circus performer? Or desperate to discover their favourite sandwich filler? Ever wondered how a clown gets into the circus? Well all your questions will be answered right here on the Gandey World Class Productions blog! This week we'd like to introduce you to Camila - one of our trapeze artists! 1.            Full name  Camila Palma Aguirre - trapeze artiste 2.            Home town/ city/ country         Santiago de Chile. 3.            What previous shows have you been in?     Golden Circus (Chile), Little World (Inuyama, Japón), American  Circus (Chile), Circo de la Chola Chabuca (Peru), Circo Hermanos Vazquez (Mexico), Circ

Aberdeen City Guide 2019: Where to visit, what to eat, things to do

While it may be best known as the ‘oil capital of Europe’, Aberdeen in Scotland is also a tourist’s dream – famous for its long, golden sands. But did you know that many of Aberdeen’s buildings sparkle like silver too? It’s because of the use of locally quarried grey granite, which is high in mica minerals. After nine years of The Lady Boys of Bangkok touring to this fabulous Scottish city we thought we’d share some of our favourite sights and things to do. Sand Dollar Café 2 Beach Esplanade, Aberdeen, AB24 5NS View this post on Instagram Another Scottish breakfast before I leave A post shared by Shelagh (@shelaghss) on Jul 8, 2019 at 11:11pm PDT For a relaxed breakfast spot on the beachfront, that also doubles as a lively bistro in the evenings, you can’t beat the Sand Dollar Café . When we visited, we loved the coffee and the staff were absolutely lovely! Look out for the seasonal chalkboard special

Best summer holiday picks for 2019

Summer is finally upon us! So long to fluffy socks, stuffy noses and cable-knit sweat shirts (for now, anyway) and a very warm welcome to beer gardens, burnt shoulders and busy beaches. More importantly, it's that time of the year where we all take the opportunity to jet off to somewhere new. Bring on the clear blue skies; we're ready! But whilst there's plenty to choose from, finding the perfect destination can be a bit overwhelming. So, to make those tough decisions that little bit easier, here are our top holiday destinations for summer 2019. Bangkok Currently in the running to be the  best shopping destination in Thailand , the bustling city of Bangkok is the best holiday for history lovers. In the city, which has a population of over 9 million people, you can find The Grand Palace. Once home to the Thai King, the palace was built in 1782 and contains an Emerald Buddha which dates back to the 14 th century. The Grand Palace Plus, i