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Gandeys Circus and the Philip Astley Project...

Gandey World Class Productions is pleased to announce that Gandeys Circus has had another successful run in Liverpool this year with a brand new production for 2016 - 'Gandeys...Your Circus Awakens'. This years production takes you on a journey through the origins of circus and the Gandey family's influence on the entertainment world. Gandeys...Your Circus Awakens has had a very positive response from audiences in Liverpool and Knutsford - head over the Gandeys Circus Facebook to read the comments for yourself. Due to popular demand this years tour has also been expanded and now included Knutsford, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Birmingham in the ever growing list of venues. Gandeys Circus is also happy to be lending our support to the Philip Astley Project  The Philip Astley Committee with local celebrity Andrew Van Buren during our stay in Newcastle-under-Lyme from the 11th - 20th March. We are holding a special tribute gala evening for the project at the s