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38th Monte Carlo International Circus Festival Published Wednesday 22 January 2014 at 11:53 by Liz Arratoon for the Stage Newspaper UK This month, those whose super power is being in two places at once can enjoy the 38th London International Mime Festival and the 38th Monte Carlo Circus Festival. Here, competition for the prestigious Clown Awards - designed by renowned Dutch sculptor Kees Verkade - has a glittering start. Dancers from the Great Moscow State Circus cavort round ringmaster Petit Gougou while he tentatively floats a box from which ever-coiffed Dutch magician Hans Klok appears. The Daring Jones Duo Photo: Charly Gallo: Press Centre, Monaco Traditionally dressed, the Czech Faltyny family then wheels into action on unicycles. The four men and three women are almost eclipsed by four tiny children, but they show amazing balance skills, particularly when father and son, both Emil, teeter on tall unicycles with a bar across their s