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   by Mariska Gandey   This week myself and Carol Gandey travelled to Girona for The 11th edition of the International Circus Festival Gold Elephant .   Circusland Museum, Besalu   We arrived on Monday morning and headed straight to visit the Circusland museum in the town of Besalú , and what a better location for it! The small town of Besalú is beautiful and one of Catalonia ’ s most stunning medieval sites. Famous for its impressive Romanesque bridge and the vestiges of its Jewish past. The circus museum is just as quaint as the town. Circusland is the only European patrimonial institution dedicated exclusively to the history and the present activity of the circus world.  It is a non-profit private institution which is in charge of creating, conserving, researching, disseminating and exhibiting a permanent collection of cultural assets related with the circus arts. Set over three floors you are able to explore the world of circus costumes, posters, props and photographs