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New year, new you, new show....

Much like the taxman, the new year cometh and the new year taketh away. This wonderful analogy (if I do say so myself) depicts the age old problem of starting the new years with as much gusto and sheer determination as Mr Motivator at a gym induction...please see below for reference. BUT....despite our best efforts and the ever encroaching threat of being motivated, we (mostly) all but lose this gust of determination at the first hurdle. This hurdle can come in many forms whether that be  a Tesco's All Butter Granola Square just lying around in the office - teasing you from that road to redemption or the arch nemesis of any dieting champion, the dreaded.....CAKE. Regardless of which sword you choose to fall upon, it happens eventually and inevitably. Oh well, as they say - 'the best laid schemes o' mice an' possums, gang aft agley' and much unlike this possum - at least we all have to best of intentions (also do not be at ashamed if this picture accur