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A Spectacular Afternoon at Gandeys Circus

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon with family than going to the circus! We were lucky enough to be invited to Europe’s largest touring show – Gandeys Circus on the Forest Recreation Ground . This was our first indoor show since Covid and so I was a little bit nervous before and during the show. It was strange to be sitting so close to people you don’t know in an indoor setting but the amazing show took my mind off it and I really enjoyed it. We were met and shown to our seats by Ringmaster Ryan who was an active participant in the show and announced all the acts. The atmosphere inside the Big Top was great. You could buy popcorn, candy floss, other food and also hand held light-up toys. The show started with a musical number to get the crowd going and some acrobatics to wow the audience. I have to say that some of the acts really made me nervous, especially the motorbikes in the Thunderdrome cage and the neck spin of the roller-skating Duo Eclipse. There were also lots o