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On the first day of the Oscars my true love gave to Madonna falling....

You all saw it. You all looked on in squinty eyed hysterics as Madonn a took to the floor in a not so planned dance move the other week at the Oscars . During her rather energetic performance she stood atop a small flight of stares, and as she rather ironically sang the line 'I let down my guard' was pulled down the stairs by her stylish but obviously impractical cape! If you didn't see it check out the video below....... Respect to the dancers who do not break there bull personas one bit. Even as there cape clad boss lies strewn on the floor they just look on with an animalistic confusion. We're thinking of putting this into the new Lady Boys of Bangkok show - Beauties and the Beats, what does everyone think? We think Ole would look great in a cape! It could be worse Madonna, you could be poor Jennifer here who fell over at the Oscars TWICE year on year!