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‘Elephant in a former life…’

‘Elephant in a former life…’ In lieu of Valentine’s Day and the warm fuzzy feeling it has parted us with, this blog post is about something equally, if not more uplifting than spending Valentine’s Day in an igloo, or dining atop a skyscraper (excuse the pun). Firstly let me introduce the protagonist of this heart-warming tale, Princess Stéphanie Grimaldi of Monaco, Countess of Polignac, who is as you might have guessed from the name, the princess of the Principality of Monaco and seventh in line for the throne. Carol Gandey who is oneof the directors here at Gandeys World Class Productions had the pleasure of meeting Princess Stéphanie (pictured below) when they were attending the InternationalCircus Festival in Monte Carlo , of which the princess is a patron.   Now onto the story, some may remember back in early 2013 the tale of two elephants named Baby and Nepal (pictured below) who were residents of the Tête d'Or zoo in Lyon, France.   These magnificent

Around the World in 80 Valentines

Around The World in 80 Valentines The day is almost upon us folks, the day that people love to hate and hate to love, Valentine’s Day, February 14 th . A day filled with the celebration of love, relationships, romantic candlelit dinners, Red Hot Kisses (shameless promotion of the new Lady Boys of Bangkok tour) and cards. Saint Valentine’s Day is heaped in tradition and history. It is believed to have originated around the time of the Romans and holds both a cultural and religious significance. At present day, it is celebrated in many countries across the globe. History lesson aside, the numerous stories surrounding Saint Valentine himself indicate that he was an enigmatic romanticist at heart, so in honour of both him and this global celebration let’s take a look at how other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day.     Let’s start with our Scandinavian cousins; the cold harsh winters of the Scandinavian Peninsula are warmed by the celebration of Valen

Red Hot Kisses this Valentine

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