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Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

There's one name you may have heard flying around the news and social media airwaves over the past week - 'Renee Zellweger'. That's right everyone's favourite blundering journalist (with a rather questionable English accent) has made a comeback, of sorts, during a rare public appearance at ELLE's 21st annual Women in Hollywood Awards in LA and her name has been ringing in our ears ever since. You find yourself asking 'Well what warrants this surge in public interest? A new film role perhaps? Fashion range? Fragrance? BRIDGET JONES 3?' and the answer would be none of the above - it's her new...........face. That's right Renee has gone and got herself a new face, we here at the Lady Boys HQ are all about the glam but Renee's is certainly shocking mostly due to the stark contrast from her previous image.  While you let that sink in lets go on a journey through the wonderful of celebrity changelings as they make or break not only their ca

Thai Beef Stir Fry Recipe...

Well it's the weekend folks, and in celebration of this ever fleeting wondrous free time (for most) we call the end of the week here's a tasty Thai treat for you to try. As you may well  know, or could have guessed, the ladies love the food of their homeland and so today we have the recipe for the a very tasty Thai Beef Stir Fry and it's surprisingly easy to make! Like with all things you cook ingredients are a must, and this is what you'll need: 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 400g beef strips (Or if you can't find these just cut steaks into thin slices) 1 Red Chilli 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce  A couple of basil leaves for good measure Tickets to see the Lady Boys of Bangkok (these are necessary for the recipe due hold the significant spot in the concoction of a good time) Now are you ready for the hard part? Nah? Neither are we. So here the ridiculously simple method...heat a wok until smoking hot - pour in the oil and swirl accordingly - the

Gandeys Circus is on the move.....

Now you may have heard through the grapevine that Gandey's Thrill Circus is back for the second time this year! After a hugely successful stint in Liverpool back in February, we're brushing off the Big Top and preparing to bring our magical all human take on modern day circus to the intu Merry Hill Shopping Centre , in the West Midlands this October half term!! With a whole new amazing line up of acts from all over the globe it's set to be a one of kind treat this October half term! It's been rather a busy year for us here at Gandey World Class Productions HQ - what with Gandey's Thrill Circus, The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Butlins this past year there hasn't been much time to breath, and with more to come this winter it doesn't seem to be letting up! Which is certainly a good thing, proving undoubtedly that people still have a thirst for big top productions and cabaret! A little heart-warming news next from the charitable arm of our

Autumnal Fashions....

You may be clinging desperately onto the last remnants of Summer but Autumn is most definitely upon us with a couple of Tuesdays ago marking the beginning of  Autumn Equinox. No more long warm nights, no more summer clothes and no more cheaper heating bills - the last one of which hurts us the most....BUT don't despair, Autumn has it's own merits - there's.....those....errrrm....beautiful colours know....the....crunch of leaves under foot - but most importantly of all there's a chance to change up your fashion décor with a more wintry aesthetic. If  crunchy leaves and colder fashions have got you a least a little bit more excited for the winter don't you worry - The Lady Boys of Bangkok have got you covered with our breakdown of the hottest fashion trends circling the runway - the web and our wardrobes over the next few months. Number one on the trend setters Autumn wish list is the rather asymmetrical solo earring; this rebel chic is al