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Gandey's Worldwide....

That Christmas time of year is upon us once again and that means the winter circus season is well and truly upon us! Gandey World Class Productions is wrapping up for winter - not just with clothing but also with productions. The Lady Boys of Bangkok are reaching the end the end of their amazing Red Hot Kisses tour - having reach Sheffield this weekend their last stop before heading back to Bangkok. Gandey's Thrill Circus has amazed and dazzled audiences in both Merseyside and the West Midlands and is now wrapped up for the winter ready for more dates to be announced next year. Our productions may be in hibernation but our good friends in the circus world certainly aren't - they are all across the globe performing is a number of different shows! The above video of the amazing Duo Essence a contemporary take on the traditional Chinese Pole act that we helped put into La Clique during this years Edinburgh Fringe. I think we can all agree that they show some amazing acrob

Winter is coming....and so is Christmas!

You may have felt it in the air or read it on a calendar and regardless of whether it's your arms clinging to your shivering sides or your keen seasonal eye it's hard to deny that winter is well and truly upon us. As quick as a shimmering twirl of a Lady Boys number the temperature seems to have plummeted very obnoxiously to a much colder temperature. Followed by the inevitable outbreak of coats, scarf's and talk of the most Marmite-like of all holidays, IIIIITTTSS CHRRRIIISSTTTMMAAA- sshhh - quite Noddy, its not even December yet. Despite Noddy Holders typically overzealous approach it is true, Christmas is just around the corner and with it we see the return of the much loved and sometimes loathed Christmas adverts. Those heart-warming adverts that never fail in conning us into believing that these multinational corporations actually care about our feelings - and not just our monies. So this here blog is a showcase of a couple of our favourite Christmas a