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Interview with Camila Palma Aguirre Trapeze Artist   What have you been doing in the past year while the industry has been stagnant?   Well, first of all, I was able to spend time with my family.  It has been many years since we were all together and it was a good time to be with them and bond.  I chili, in my family's circus and we sold sweet things that are sold in the circus-like Cotton, popcorn, etc.    What did you miss the most about not being able to perform with us?  I missed my friends and above all, I missed being an artist.  Seeing the audience have fun and impress them with the show.  I love the public in England.  How did you feel about isolating yourself in your hotel, what did you do to keep yourself busy? The hotel was very comfortable but being alone was still difficult. I had a lot of time to think, exercise, and prepare my costumes for the show.  The truth is that the days passed very quickly.  I'm getting used to quarantines haha!    Do

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