Our Homecoming!

Our homecoming in Scotland! 

 AYE, it’s good to be back!

It’s already been a great summer in the UK, with the England’s Lioness’ winning the Women’s Euros 2022, and a successful week at the Common Wealth Games, it’s time for the return of one of the Uk’s biggest events… The Fringe Festival Edinburgh!

After a tough couple of years gambling with Covid, The Ladyboys are thrilled to be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year on 6th August, with their newest show: Summer of Fun!

1998 was the year it all began for The Ladyboys, with their first ever performance in Edinburgh, it’s definitely a proud moment as they return for the 24th year consecutively, and to still be such a hit in Scotland!

How did ‘The Fringe’ Festival get its name in Edinburgh?

The story of the Fringe Festival dates back to 1947 where 8 theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at ‘Edinburgh International Festival’ which was originally created to celebrate European cultural live following the Second World War. Although not being part of the official programme of the international festival, this didn’t stop the performers who went ahead and performed their shows on the fringe of the festival – which is where the name is originated from.

Year after year millions kept returning to produce and enjoy art of every genre on The Fringe, and in 1958 the ‘Festival Fringe Society’ was created in response to the success of this spontaneous artistic movement.  

The Fringe is now a three-week festival of performing arts that now takes place every year and will be celebrating it’s 75th year this August! The Ladyboys are so excited to return to their home of Scotland, having already spent 2 weeks in Aberdeen in July, being blown away by the support shown at all shows. As well as playing a theatre tour, covering Arbroath, Dundee, Glenrothes and Lanark so far! And tickets are still available at the end of August for Lanark, Ayr and Berwick

Scotland is our home! 

The Ladyboys of Bangkok venue is lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful historic culture of Edinburgh, with Usher Hall just opposite on Lothian Road, as well as being in front of The Sheraton Grand Hotel. The cast love visiting the top tourist sites on their days off, they even venture up to see the famous Edinburgh Tattoo

 Did you know? When performing in Scotland, The Ladyboys have built in an extra-special part of the show which includes them dressing up in their very own tartan skirts & performing various popular songs loved by Scotland, such as the well-known tune by the Proclaimers ‘500 miles’ which is always a hit, and gets the crowd going!

"Ole", our hilarious cast member says: "I love how diverse the audience can be in Scotland, we love seeing a mixture of ages and people from different walks of life who just want to come together to celebrate and enjoy the party that we bring. Performing in Scotland is always different at every show, and that’s why myself and the rest of the Ladyboys adore it"


When in Edinburgh, the Ladyboys always get invited to a special banquet at Maki & Ramen, it’s always an excuse for them to dress up for the occasion, and they get treated like royalty. Definitely a great place for food in Edinburgh If you’re fancying noodles!



Gandey World Class Productions brings you the world-famous Ladyboys of Bangkok returning to the Edinburgh Festival this Saturday 6th August – 28th August 2022

Tickets now available to buy online!

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