Strong Women in Circus

In honour of International Women's Day and the 'Women in Circus' movement, we would like to share these photos of strong women with whom we have worked - past and present. Women who inspire us here at Gandey World Class Productions, and who influence and empower other women across the world.

There are many strong circus women who we have not mentioned here. Please be aware that this list is by no means definitive – there are so many more strong women whom we would have loved to include, and who remain an important part of the Gandey family.

The pictures can also be found in a Flickr album here.

Mary Gandey: Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Performer – the foundation upon which Gandeys as we know it was built

Carol Gandey: Director and Producer – Gandey World Class Productions

Carol Gandey

Hayley Gandey: Circus Director and Performer – Gandeys Circus

Coral Gandey: Brand Manager, London

Mariska Gandey: Circus Performer – Gandeys Circus

Andreea Delbosq: UK's only female clown – Gandeys Circus

 Anna Ratsova: Circus Performer

 Anne-Claire Schofield: Former Trapeze Artist

Barbara Stanton:  Former Circus Performer/Manager, now Operation and Logistics Manager for Gandey World Class Productions 

Becki Rodgerson: Former Press and PR for Gandeys Circus, now running Hop PR 

 Becky Truman: Founder/Performer/Producer – Skinning the Cat

 Camille Marie Mitchell: Former Logistics and PR – Gandey World Class Productions

 Carina Delbosq Santus Contreras: Circus Performer

 Dawn Lancaster: Logistics and Operations – Gandey World Class Productions

Delia Du Sol: Circus Performer 

Emilia Garcia: Circus Performer from the stable of the strong, legendary Garcia women 

Geraldine Wilson: Former Circus Performer and Manager – Gandey World Class Productions 

Germain Delbosq Santus: Circus Performer

 Gina Morales: Circus Performer

Holly Beson-Tams: PR and Social Media – Gandey World Class Productions

 Jackie Sysum: Former Circus Performer, now Trainer

Jacqui Morales: Circus Performer

 Julia Makarova: Circus Performer, previously at Cirque du Soleil

 Juliette Hardy-Donaldson: Former Aerialist / Circus Space

 Kim Bauer: Former Circus Performer/Manager

 Liz Arratoon: Circus Advocate –

 Malvina Abakarova: Circus Performer

Mimbre: Circus Performers/Producers

 Nell Gifford: Circus Director and Producer

 Nia Nikolova Jones: Circus Performer

Nikki Fossett: Circus Producer and Performer 

 Oana Price: Box Office Manager – Gandey World Class Productions

 Polly Jay: Circus Performer

 Romy Bauer: Circus Performer

 Sandra Wilkie-Millar: Box Office Manager – Gandey World Class Productions

 Sofia Tsola: Circus Performer

 Tash Howard: Events Manager

 Tracy Jones: Circus Director, Performer and Producer

Verity Shuttleworth: PR and Marketing, now with HP Europe

 Victoria Antipova: Circus Performer

 Yana Shanikova: Circus Performer