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Fashion do's for 2016...

First off, a very happy new year from everyone here at the Lady Boys of Bangkok cabaret show! We hope you had a fabulous end of 2015 and a not to hungover start to 2016. We are actually 7 hours ahead here in Thailand, so we were celebrating/being hungover way ahead of you guys - and we're also effectively time travellers - just saying (yes, the below parody of Back to the Future was created just for that terrible joke). Excuses to photoshop Ole into hilarious situations aside, in case you didn't notice it's a brand new year and with a brand new year comes a brand new set of fashion trends to sink your teeth into. So, stop listening to Justin Beiber , peel yourself away of Celebrity Big Brother , forget about North Korea and the possible nuclear destruction of the free world - kick back and let us show you some of our favourites. Number 1 on the list - Tie-Dye - that's right, this 60's throwback is making a 00's comeback with countless models