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The Thai Shack...

Everyone knows that the Lady Boys of Bangkok's purpose built venue The Sabai Pavilion is your one stop shop for exotic Thailand cabaret, but did you know it's also a destination of delicious culinary delights? In this blog we're going to explore the authentic Thai dishes on offer to our audiences from our Thai Shack and amazing chefs who prepare them. Head Chef - Natawat Purephamee (left) & Sou Chef - Phaiboon Champathong As you enter the foyer of the Sabai Pavilion your senses are greeted with the authentic smell of delicious Thai food wafting through the air, as if you were working down a busy street in Bangkok itself. As you follow the smell, belly grumbling, you are greeted by our Head Chef - Mr Natawat Purephamee and Sou Chef - Mr Phaibook Champathong of the Thai Shack.  Natawat has been with the Lady Boys of Bangkok cabaret show for 13 years having previously worked at The Emerald - a prestigious luxury hotel in Bangkok. Phaibook, on the other hand,