The Lady Boys of Bangkok highlights of 2019!

When our fabulous Lady Boys thought about their highlight for 2019, they couldn't settle on just one and frankly, this year has been an incredible one for our wonderful cast! Not only have we celebrated our 21st year at the Edinburgh Fringe festival (it felt oh-so good to be 21 again), we also had the pleasure of returning to locations we had visited in a while and made our mark in towns and cities we'd never performed in before. After 21 years we're still able to grace new places with our glitz as well as returning to the cities we know and love! Based on all our Sabai Pavillion venues, we've decided to include a highlight from each individual place! We really did have that good a year:


The Greatest Showgirls Tour kicked off with a bang in Derby! Whilst a lot of familiar faces returned to the cast, we welcomed new members Lily, Dew and Arthur to a little family and it's safe to say they've made quite the impression with Lily taking third place in our artist of the year awards! Not bad for a newcomer. 

Meanwhile, new mum Becky from Derby got in-touch with Lady Boys after being inspired by their glitz and glam, asking for a make-over! We allowed our very own Ole to give her a real taste of what it's like to get glammed up for The Greatest Showgirls Tour! 

Photo: Derby Telegraph You can check out a video of her transformation here.


The Lady Boys returned to Nottingham for the first time in a while and it was so good to be back! Our very own Jennifer gave Nottingham Live a sneak peak on what goes on behind the scenes. You can check out her interview over on Nottingham Live. For our last week in Nottingham, the diamond diva himself Jamie John made his debut with the Lady Boys of Bangkok and we've loved having him on board. 

Jamie certainly won over our audiences, you made him your People's Choice winner for 2019!


We brought the glamour to Brighton Fringe with Jamie John in tow and an all-new location! For the first time, we pitched up our Sabai Pavillion on Hove Lawns. The Lady Boys adore coming to colourful Brighton and there's some brilliant photo ops which were fully taken advantage of. 

Our Lady Boys are never not photo ready


We spent part of our summer by the sea in Bristol and loved every second of it! We did make an appearance on Bristol TV and obviously took advantage of every photo op that came our way. We loved this stunning picture of our Sabai Pavillion taken at the Downs in Bristol by Heli Kam. 

Photo credit: Heli Kam 


It seems that this year our audience members have wanted a taste of what it's like to be as glam as a Lady Boy. Our cast next make-over guinea pig was Dundee Evening Telegraph reporter Kenny who was left to the devices of Bombay and Jennifer. To hear more about Kenny's glam up and the glowing responses he got from passers by on the streets of Dundee, head over to the Dundee Evening Telegraph.

Kenny mid-make over. Loving that colour on him! Photograph: Dundee Telegraph


We continued to head North to Aberdeen where in between rehearsals the Lady Boys were nowhere to be seen! They were busy exploring the city and embracing the gorgeous weather. And, of course, in true Lady Boys style they took advantage of every photo opportunity they could get! Here's Bombay completing owning it!

We don't know how you walked across the city in heels that high!


This was our 21st year at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and we certainly made it one to remember! For the first time EVER in Lady Boys history, we got our very own ice cream flavour! Courtesy of S.Luca Dairy Ice Cream Parlour, 'The Greatest Showgirls' was carefully crafted and developed in their ice cream factory. The flavour was fun, vibrant and fruity, just like the Lady Boys themselves! 

Tensions were caused regarding who got the last scoop... Photograph: Lesley Martin 


Our Lady Boys love finding different ways to take in the sights in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Last year, they hopped onto a sight seeing tour bus, heels n'all. This year, despite the wind and the cold, the Lady Boys set sail on the river Tyne obviously in their most glamorous gear. They also featured on Tyne & Wear TV to talk all about the show and flaunt their glitz!

Jamie explaining to the camera crew that the Lady Boys don't have a bad angle!


It always excites us when we get to perform at a new location and this year we brought our show to Newcastle-Under-Lyme in Staffordshire for the very first time in our 21 years of performing and we loved every second of it! It was a big two weeks for us as the likes of the Sentinel featured us in their Big Night Out segment, the Mayor of Newcastle came to visit and had his moment on stage and again the Lady Boys whipped out their lashes and lipstick and made over blogger Beff Shuff

Before Beff's big make-over. Photograph:

Beff post-make-over with lashes on fleek! Photograph:


Last, but certainly not least, we arrived in Belfast. It was the final leg of the tour but we certainly had plenty of room left for a few surprises. The Lady Boys had a cocktail named after them courtesy of Cafe on the Square, we visited U105 radio, made an appearance on UTV  AND had our first ever Lady Boys of Bangkok show proposal! When Gary from Belfast asked us whether he could propose to his girlfriend, Alina, ON her birthday AT our show, how could we say no? It was the Lady Boys best kept secret and the whole cast had a part to play. Watch the video below to find out what happened.

Thank you all our wonderful fans for coming to see us across The Greatest Showgirls Tour. Whether it was your first time or 10th time, we hope you enjoyed this year's show as much as we have and we can't wait to share with you what we have on offer next! Look out for 2020 tour dates on our Lady Boys of Bangkok website and on our social media.


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