Driving Experiences, Lady Boy Shows, Edible Bubbles - The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide!

We all know how hard it can be trying to find the perfect gift for your family and friends year after year. You plan on getting them something really special, something they will truly love or need… then settle for a fragrance or some new Pj’s because the stress of choosing something was just too much to handle. You are not alone, we have all been there.

So with Christmas fast approaching we thought we could inspire you with our very own Christmas Gift Guide, making sure this year your presents are just that little bit more…shall we say.. adventurous?!

Now everyone says how hard it is to shop for a woman… well we think its even harder to shop for a man.  
There are only so many male grooming kits, socks, and jackets they need in a year and as much as I am sure they love them, we, the women of the world, do not love picking up after them. So we had a look at what other options are out there.

How about a day to remember? A gift that they will love and a memory for a lifetime! 

 Red Letter Days offer a Rally driving experience day that we think is perfect for Dads or older brothers who are lovers of testing their skills in hand break turns or power slides! 

Alternatively for the high speed motor heads,those who prefer a little class in their ride, Buy a Gift offer a driving experience in not one but two cars from choices such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Here you not only get to drive the cars yourself but then get to experience being driven round by a professional! 
With 25% discount this could be the ultimate Christmas gift you have been looking for.

Cousins…we all have them, some cousins we are close to, others not so much, or its those cousins who aren't your cousins but you’ve known them so long you call them your cousins.. well whoever they are, how about a little gift for them?

We think this year, gadgets are the way to go! If this tickles your fancy, Red5 is a site to check out, whatever your price range you are sure to find a brilliant gift even when on a tight budget. Laser keyboards seem to be getting quite popular for the computer wiz, as are the Vizor glasses to get a real virtual world experience when watching a film or one of those 360 horror clips. 

Red5 also sell non gadget related presents - but that are still quirky and original. They have Jedi bathrobes for the Star Wars fanatic, and for all the ladies (or any unicorn fan) Firebox bring you the unicorn nightlight or better yet they also offer a unicorn onesie -because we all have that one friend/sibling who is a lover of all things pink and fluffy.

Another favourite find of ours were the edible bubbles! suitable for all, entertaining and yummy - what's not to love with this cheap and cheerful gift!?! What makes this gift even better is that you add your own flavour.. yes.. that means you can make it alcoholic too. 

Now for the ladies, (it depends who you are buying for) but what about really treating your female friend this Christmas with the most sought after garments this season from Victoria's Secret. Yes, it is a little pricey but after the infamous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show it'll be high up on their wish list! (and it is Christmas after all). 

But what about Mum. We all want to spoil our lovely mums at Christmas time, to show how appreciative we are for all that they do…and lets face it, some men could do with some serious help in this department.

Women love a pamper day, you can do this by buying them some scented candles from The Body Shop and a pamper kit from Marks and Spencer. Or even treat her to a whole pamper day out, Virgin offer a Spa day for two  so you get in on the experience.

Does Mum now have a collection of lotions and creams that sit on the bathroom shelf and you want to give her something completely different this Christmas?

Well how about something fun, a little bold and a serious chance for her to have an experience of a life time? 

Well look no further, we have the best idea out there. The Ladyboys of Bangkok offer a 2 hour show, Thai cuisine a bar and exclusive package deals that are sure to meet all your needs for an incredible night out! 

In actual fact their package deals are so good at the moment - including a 20% off deal exclusive to December bookings, why not go the whole hog and get tickets for your mum, aunt, sister, mother in law, neighbour, neighbours dog - whoever! And have a girly night out with the Lady boys of Bangkok.

With all these ideas and options on things to buy, do and see you will be well and truly prepared for this Christmas (and definitely the families favourite).