Winter is coming....and so is Christmas!

You may have felt it in the air or read it on a calendar and regardless of whether it's your arms clinging to your shivering sides or your keen seasonal eye it's hard to deny that winter is well and truly upon us. As quick as a shimmering twirl of a Lady Boys number the temperature seems to have plummeted very obnoxiously to a much colder temperature. Followed by the inevitable outbreak of coats, scarf's and talk of the most Marmite-like of all holidays, IIIIITTTSS CHRRRIIISSTTTMMAAA- sshhh - quite Noddy, its not even December yet.

Despite Noddy Holders typically overzealous approach it is true, Christmas is just around the corner and with it we see the return of the much loved and sometimes loathed Christmas adverts. Those heart-warming adverts that never fail in conning us into believing that these multinational corporations actually care about our feelings - and not just our monies. So this here blog is a showcase of a couple of our favourite Christmas ads of the year.

No Christmas advert list would be complete without John Lewis's newest and rather touching annual AdMas (new word for the purposes of the blog - it's an amalgamation of Advert and Christmas in case you didn't get it - Oh you did it? Well soooorrry, didn't mean to call into question your cognitive abilities - anyway on with this Christmas malarkey) edition. It tells the tale of a young boys pet penguin and his search for love. With the hopes of not spoiling the ending as you'd already have watched it (now would be the time) - he turns out to be imaginary leading the moral epiphany that all penguins figments of the imagination. Hold on, that wasn't what it was about? Ooooh now I get it - the young boy just wanted to be a penguin pimp for Christmas and his wish came true? No!? Well regardless of your conclusions it's nice so it's in the list.

The next one is definitely towards the UP spectrum on the tearjerkameter scale and it's the Christmas offering from Boots. It tells the short story of a nurse finishing a presumably long shift on the evening of Christmas day - as she is driving home it shows other people arriving at airports and setting off in cars but gives no indication of the destination or relation to one another. As the nurse arrives home she walks past the glass living room door to see the outline of people and the warm glow of light only to open the door and see her family waiting to greet her with a late Christmas just for her. Presumably, though this isn't shown, they then shower her with classic boots gifts like make-up, those shower pack combo things and a luffa. It may be another generically heart-warming AdMas but it's a particular string tugger so it's makes our list.

This next one is from Sky and it must have cost an absolute fortune in royalty costs - everything is in here from The Muppets to Frozen as you follow a families fantastical frolic through some of this years biggest blockbusters. Though the advert is aimed at children who don't tend to pay the Sky bill - it is still well put together and who doesn't love Olaf the snowman from Frozen?

Coca Cola, the old Christmas advert heavy weight champions, are back this year with another festive feast for eyes. It's as Christmassy as a snowman throwing up tinsel and it's all about the act of giving - it shows people giving each other umbrellas and throwing surprise discos and is all wrapped up by the 'Give a little happiness' slogan. Coca Cola never fail to deliver and we don't know who they get the play Santa in their ads but he should be Santa in EVERYTHING....the man is Christmas personified.

That's it for a pick of the faves and The Lady Boys of Bangkok are certainly ramping up festivities as it creeps into these late winter months! Coca Cola may have the most Christmassy man in existence but does he look better than us in a Santa outfit? We think not. The ladies are just finishing up an amazing stop in Belfast, but then it's onto Sheffield for our very last stop this years RED HOT KISSES tour! Then IIIIIIIIITTTTTSSS CHRIIIIISSSTMMAAAASS!! What are you still doing here Noddy? We thought you'd left.....