This Is Halloween

Halloween is almost here!

There's nothing the Lady Boys of Bangkok love to do more than play dress up and what better occasion to do it than at Halloween. This year they have the day off from the tour to celebrate in style (glamorous, spooky style that is) and are currently finding things to do on their way to the last leg of this years Glamorous Amorous tour in Belfast. As they were browsing for some costume inspiration they came across the awe inspiring new collection from Charlotte Olympia in the form of these ultra unique and gorgeous Halloween inspired shoes! Featuring bats and cats and pumpkins (oh my!) the glamorous take on the 31st of October tradition are fangtasticly stylish, but they certainly don't come cheap! With prices starting at just shy of £400 they're certainly an 'investment piece' for your seasonal wardrobe.

Charlotte Olympia Halloween Collection 2013

What will you be dressing as this Halloween?

Happy Halloween from the Lady Boys of Bangkok

Happy Halloween Lady Boys fans! 
Have a ghoulish time!!