Updates from Carol Gandey

As the Managing Director of international circus and event company Gandey World Class Productions, Carol Gandey is no stranger to the exciting and interesting world of the production industry. With 30 years experience in the event business, Carol has her finger constantly on the pulse of all things entertainment. On a recent trip to London Carol made the most of her time by visiting some fantastic shows and productions, including the Los Vivancos show at the Coliseum London last week. It was a magnificent performance, and it doesn't seem years since Gandey World Class Productions promoted them at the Lowry, but for artistes the years rolled away; their stamina, dynamism and abilities enthused the audience to a standing ovation.

The entire atmosphere was electric for the 7 Spanish brothers, whose act comes with the tagline 'Extreme Flamenco Fusion'. Leaving the audience awestruck at the energy and enthusiasm which is channelled throughout the show.

Another must see show which Carol has attended recently was the theatre adaptation of Roald Dahl's Matilda in the West End. The sets direction and casting deserve the accolades they have received, and the magic of the book is bought to life by the Royal Shakespeare Company in a fantastic musical medium! From start to finish the audience is transported back to their childhood with sweet memories and laughter, alongside the story of a child who chose to change her own destiny through the power of imagination.  

And a final trip of note comes as Carol attended a Gala marking the 110 year anniversary since the Hippodrome Great Yarmouth was opened, compared brilliantly by the TV Sports commentator Jack Jay. A wonderful evening hosted by Christine and Peter Jay including a tour of the museum followed by a champagne reception in this magnificent building.