Hoppy Easter!

With Easter celebrations coming up this weekend, falling at the same time as The Lady Boys of Bangkok's UK Tour begins, we are finding it a little hard to resist from all the chocolately treats on the shelves right now! From cakes to sweets and all kinds of goodness inbetween, the supermarkets are awash with tempting Easter delights for us to sink our teeth in to! To steer away from temptation we've been eyeing up some of the alternative Easter products available, and some we have found will last a lot longer and be ever so much more satisfying than an Easter Egg, we're sure you'll agree!

We have been lusting after these Irregular Choice Bunny Healed Shoes ever since they came on to our radar a few months ago. It's not the first time we have mentioned our love for the Irregular Choice range, but these ones are so completely quirky, cute and... weird, we just had to include them! They're almost too precious to be shoes! We are also loving the Bunny light in the middle of the image above. It's so adorable and the perfect addition to any young lady(boys) night stand with it's lovely white glow. And finally we have some Easter treats from those wonder eggs at Lush, Lush never fail to bring out exciting and lovely products for all occasions and their Easter collection always contains some of our favourites things.