We Love Bubble Tea!

Bubble tea is fast becoming popular in the UK and originates in Taiwan. Also known as 'pearl milk tea' or 'boba tea', there has been an influx of independent bubble tea businesses popping up all over England in recent years. The 3 you see before you were purchased from one of our favourite Bubble Tea outlets which is 'I love Bobo' in Manchester, a little stand which is dedicated to this fine beverage located in the Arndale Centre. These flavours are Honeydew Melon, Grape and Apple. In each one there are different flavoured 'bubbles' - passionfruit, mango and strawberry. Yum yum! 

Bubble tea can come hot or cold, but obviously you'd have to have Tapioca Pearls in the hot ones as the juicy bubbles would probably dissolve very quickly! The bubbles look a little bit like frog spawn, but you mustn't let this put you off! Traditionally tapioca pearls are what lie at the bottom of your bubble tea beverage, which become chewy and gooey when prepared for the drink. I understand the tapioca is not to everyone's taste and I'll admit they're a bit weird the first time you try them, as they're nothing like anything we eat daily in western food! But never fear if you don't like the sound of those, you can also obtain bubble tea which exchanges the tapioca pearls for juice bubbles that come in many fruity flavours or some even put flavoured jelly in. 
It's just the right amount of tea and flavour combination. I know a lot of people aren't keen on flavoured tea's as they can be slightly bland and tasteless. Not bubble tea's though! They're fruity and delicious and come in so many lovely fresh flavours. They're the perfect summer drink. And unlike iced 'tea' you get at high street coffee places they actually contain brewed TEA, not a syrup concentrate splashed in a bit of water....
The juice bubbles are big and squashy and 'pop' at soon as you suck them up through the straw, it's really weird the first few times you experience it but you soon get used to the sensation and the lovely fruit flavours! They are always served with a super thick straw to ensure you don't miss out. 
Which bubble tea would you try?! 
Do you think we should start selling them on our tours?