9 Dec 2016

Driving Experiences, Lady Boy Shows, Edible Bubbles - The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide!

We all know how hard it can be trying to find the perfect gift for your family and friends year after year. You plan on getting them something really special, something they will truly love or need… then settle for a fragrance or some new Pj’s because the stress of choosing something was just too much to handle. You are not alone, we have all been there.

So with Christmas fast approaching we thought we could inspire you with our very own Christmas Gift Guide, making sure this year your presents are just that little bit more…shall we say.. adventurous?!

Now everyone says how hard it is to shop for a woman… well we think its even harder to shop for a man.  
There are only so many male grooming kits, socks, and jackets they need in a year and as much as I am sure they love them, we, the women of the world, do not love picking up after them. So we had a look at what other options are out there.

How about a day to remember? A gift that they will love and a memory for a lifetime! 

 Red Letter Days offer a Rally driving experience day that we think is perfect for Dads or older brothers who are lovers of testing their skills in hand break turns or power slides! 

Alternatively for the high speed motor heads,those who prefer a little class in their ride, Buy a Gift offer a driving experience in not one but two cars from choices such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Here you not only get to drive the cars yourself but then get to experience being driven round by a professional! 
With 25% discount this could be the ultimate Christmas gift you have been looking for.

Cousins…we all have them, some cousins we are close to, others not so much, or its those cousins who aren't your cousins but you’ve known them so long you call them your cousins.. well whoever they are, how about a little gift for them?

We think this year, gadgets are the way to go! If this tickles your fancy, Red5 is a site to check out, whatever your price range you are sure to find a brilliant gift even when on a tight budget. Laser keyboards seem to be getting quite popular for the computer wiz, as are the Vizor glasses to get a real virtual world experience when watching a film or one of those 360 horror clips. 

Red5 also sell non gadget related presents - but that are still quirky and original. They have Jedi bathrobes for the Star Wars fanatic, and for all the ladies (or any unicorn fan) Firebox bring you the unicorn nightlight or better yet they also offer a unicorn onesie -because we all have that one friend/sibling who is a lover of all things pink and fluffy.

Another favourite find of ours were the edible bubbles! suitable for all, entertaining and yummy - what's not to love with this cheap and cheerful gift!?! What makes this gift even better is that you add your own flavour.. yes.. that means you can make it alcoholic too. 

Now for the ladies, (it depends who you are buying for) but what about really treating your female friend this Christmas with the most sought after garments this season from Victoria's Secret. Yes, it is a little pricey but after the infamous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show it'll be high up on their wish list! (and it is Christmas after all). 

But what about Mum. We all want to spoil our lovely mums at Christmas time, to show how appreciative we are for all that they do…and lets face it, some men could do with some serious help in this department.

Women love a pamper day, you can do this by buying them some scented candles from The Body Shop and a pamper kit from Marks and Spencer. Or even treat her to a whole pamper day out, Virgin offer a Spa day for two  so you get in on the experience.

Does Mum now have a collection of lotions and creams that sit on the bathroom shelf and you want to give her something completely different this Christmas?

Well how about something fun, a little bold and a serious chance for her to have an experience of a life time? 

Well look no further, we have the best idea out there. The Ladyboys of Bangkok offer a 2 hour show, Thai cuisine a bar and exclusive package deals that are sure to meet all your needs for an incredible night out! 

In actual fact their package deals are so good at the moment - including a 20% off deal exclusive to December bookings, why not go the whole hog and get tickets for your mum, aunt, sister, mother in law, neighbour, neighbours dog - whoever! And have a girly night out with the Lady boys of Bangkok.

With all these ideas and options on things to buy, do and see you will be well and truly prepared for this Christmas (and definitely the families favourite).

6 Dec 2016

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is arguably the biggest fashion event of the year and it took place last week in Paris with some of the brands hottest angels taking to the runway.

Although the show took place on the 30th of November it wasn’t aired until last night (5th) in the USA and unfortunately for us Brits, we won't see it on our screens until the 12th of December on 4Music. BUT that doesn’t stop us from taking a gander on the released pictures from the event.

After making their debut in 2015, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner returned to the catwalk looking more stunning than ever in their outrageously fabulous outfits.

Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid 

Amongst these were other long-reigning angels, all as beautiful as one another. 

It was hard to pick which of the outfits we preferred but after much deliberation we narrowed it down, and here are a few of our favourite looks from this year’s show...

Cindy Bruna

This year, it was Jasmine Tookes who was chosen to wear the infamous Fantasy Bra, worth a whopping $3 Million! Way out of our Lady Boys of Bangkok’s diamante dreams (and budgets).

Jasmine Tookes

It’s not just all about the models however. The Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show is known for hosting some of the biggest music stars of the minute – and 2016 did not disappoint with huge names; Lady Gaga, TheWeekend and man of the moment, Bruno Mars.
 Bruno Mars

 The Weekend

Lady Gaga

We love reading about this event, and you can guarantee some VSFS influences in the Lady Boys of Bangkok 2017 ‘Who Runs The World’ tour! *

*Tickets available now! 

1 Dec 2016

Advent Calendars....What a Choice!

Christmas Time is upon us…
and the Advent Calendars can now be opened!

Hello December! 
The weather is officially freezing, fur coats are on, Christmas shopping has begun and its finally acceptable to put up your festive decorations. Of course, this also means we can finally open our Advent Calendars... And what a choice there is.

I wouldn't quite say gone are the days of the chocolate advent calendars (be it store bought or those beautiful fabric re-usable hanging pocket pouches that your parents would fill each year) but in keeping with the times there are now far more options out there and even if you decided to stick with what you know... it's interesting to hear what else it available! 

So, we’ve all heard (well most of us) about this new advent calendar idea from Annem Hobson who has introduced the world to cheese heaven with her homemade calendar step by step plan for all you cheese lovers out there. Unfortunately these aren't available in store yet, although she does state on her blog So Wrong Its Nom that she hopes they will be available by next Christmas. (Something to look forward to if you haven't got the patience  to make your own.).

With a price range from £10 - £200 you could spend more on a couple of advent calendars than on all your Christmas presents put together! So what exactly are you getting for your money?

Well, lets be clear on one thing, these choices aren't particularly for your little ones - they will still be happy with a daily dose of chocolate before school, for the rest of us, all the grownups out there, where do I begin!

Ok, so on the less extreme side of things and still keeping with traditional chocolate we have couples calendars from stores such as Hotel Chocolate with a not so ridiculous price of £26, its a lovely idea, romantic even. However, I'm pretty sure I know many people (myself included) who would just eat both… not that that's a serious issue!

It doesn't even have to be food related these days. River Island have brought out their ‘Johnny loves Rosie’  advent, priced at £40 and behind each door you have gold plated jewellery from bracelet charms, necklaces, rings to earrings so quite the beautiful gift for that special someone.
Yet another girly treat could be one of the many makeup and nail varnish options out at the moment Boots offer a NYX Professional makeup with 12 different eye shadows and 12 mini Soft Matte Lip Cream. Alternatively, if you want to splash the cash and really treat yourself, Just My Look have the O.P.I Breakfast at Tiffany’s Nail Polish Collection with a wide range of beautiful colours to go with all your outfits. 

Lets move onto what would be my advent of choice...
Yes, we all knew this one existed (or hoped!). We are responsible adults and sweet treats just don't cut it anymore, so here are a couple of options out at the moment.

You can find them online, on sites such as firebox there is a Gin special with 24 different gins from all over the place! Or if you want a larger variety of spirits you can even go in store to John Lewis who offer a 24 day advent calendar with a festive mix of Vodkas, Liqueurs and Gins. The difficulty with this one will be sticking to your one shot a day and not letting that bad day at work result in you finishing your 24 treats by the 5th December…but hey…if this does happen.. ’tis the season’.


Now this probably surprised me more than the cheese idea, but nevertheless - still very ok with it. 

Pork scratchings…in a calendar. You may have seen ITV’s This Morning featured them last month resulting in the The Snaffling Pig co this year to Sell OUT of their supply of Pork scratching advent calendars so you will have to get in there early to ensure you get one for Christmas 2017. These fabulous calendars have a 24 mini bag variety of pork scratchings from pigs in blankets, BBQ, Maple to a classic Salt and Pepper. What food lover wouldn't want  pieces of this every day of December!  

Such a huge variety of calendar options are out there this year. it will be interesting to see what gets added to Christmas 2017 and how many of us give up the chocolate for a yummy slice of cheese. 

What type of advent will you be opening today?

25 Nov 2016

A year in the life of a Circus Performer

My name is Gina Morales, I’m going to start with pointing out that this is my first blog, so I think I should give you some background before telling you about my year;

My parents met while touring on a three ring circus in Mexico - My mother, a dancer from the UK and father a Mexican flying trapeze artist. After marrying they moved to England where they continued touring with various shows and introduced their three children, Rosalia, Jaqueline and myself to the exciting world of Circus.

I started performing full time after completing my A levels and now Jacqueline and I perform a Rolling Globe act which we began training for in 2005 during school holidays and have now been able to tour with this skill across the UK.

When travelling full time the years blend into one. There is no exact start or finish to the cycle its constant moving, training, performing, build-ups, pull downs and before you know it you’re onto another year!

Now, this year has been a different story. Don’t get me wrong, every year is a mix of emotions; exciting, exhausting and extremely enjoyable but this year I have been able to work abroad for the first time and not just a two hour flight to France or Spain (although both of these are also on my list!). This year I took a whole 15 hour trip to Hong Kong to perform as part of The Royalles British Thrill Circus in the TungWah Charity Carnival for four months. What an incredible experience this was! Spending Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Easter and so many other celebrations in a whole new environment with different traditions, customs, food etc,  all while performing up to four shows a day… it truly was an incredible experience!

Now some of you may be thinking; “does she ever see her family?” well I can assure you the answer is yes… my dad actually tours with us! After moving to the UK he swapped the trapeze for a red nose and large shoes and became the circus clown (that’s a whole other story). Although my mum is based at home in Essex and my youngest sister studying in London, they will definitely come to stay with us at any given opportunity –especially during our Hong Kong adventure.
I came back to the UK late March and would start the next tour in April so it was lovely to have a couple of rest weeks enjoying family time, catching up with school friends and preparing for the next adventure but saying this, Circus artists - in my experience, aren’t used to much time off, so after the first three or four days I was already itching to get back to work!

Well before too long it was time to pack the bags and head off onto the next tour. This time I stayed in the UK and toured for my second year with Circus Starr, a non-profit organisation that moves to a different town every two days. Now this is serious touring… this is arriving at a new town, building up the big top, training in the evening of day one then performing two shows and taking down the tent ready to move again by day two. Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is. The time working goes by ridiculously fast and with a company that feels like family it’s impossible not to love.

I realise I keep mentioning training without explaining what exactly it involves. It’s a bit of everything from general fitness workouts and improving current skills as well as learning new ones. For example, at the moment I am working on a low wire act so practising this takes up most of my morning and before I know it it’s time to get ready for the show!

So being a circus performer doesn’t just involve a bit of a parade, your 5 minute act then a quick goodbye finale. There is much more to it than many would believe. An excellent example of this would be my October half term job with Gandey's Circus at Merry Hill in Birmingham.
Of course rehearsals take place prior to any opening of a new show and this was no exception, what with dancers, incredible lighting and sound plus lots of performers it was a huge team and lots to arrange before opening. Some of you may know being part of a team means being a team player…what you may not know is for a circus performer it means being a storm trooper one minute you're dressed as some form of mascot the next then back to glitter and glam for your act, this is all while making sure you have enough popcorn and souvenirs ready for the intermission of a sold out show. It’s this type of manic chaos and rather unpredictable day to day challenge that I enjoy.

When touring with a Circus, working over Christmas is always an option. However, with my winter tour on Circus Starr having finished in mid-November and my next contract starting in January, this year I’ve decided to go on a family vacation because, as you may have gathered, it’s been a busy year.