The Salieri International Circus Awards

The Salieri International Circus Awards


The Salieri International Circus Awards is a prestigious circus festival where more than 50 international artists compete against each other accompanied by a live symphony orchestra. The festival is dedicated to the musician Antonio Salieri who was born in Legnago and to whom the city has dedicated its theatre The Salieri Theatre

The history of the Salieri Theatre begins in the early twentieth century. It was finally inaugurated in1956 and for over thirty years its programme has always been full of theatrical performances, as well as being used as a cinema. It was then refurbished in 1999 and used as a theatre ever since.

Carol Gandey was invited for the second time to be a member of an international all female jury for The Salieri Circus Festival based in Legnago (near Verona) which is also the birthplace of Salieri, a well-known composer. 

Artists were judged and awarded for technical ability, interpretation and originality. It was a cast of international circus artistes, and there was a special performance by Silke Pan (pictured below) 

 Silke Pan is a paraplegic Swiss acrobat and was a guest star of the Salieri Circus Awards 2022.   

The inspiring and diverse all-female judging panel come from all corners of the globe: Europe, Peru, Africa, Australia. All of which work in commercial, social and youth circus, agencies and cultural developments. - All loving the local hospitality which was outstanding, not forgetting the pasta and wine, all sharing ideas and stories to enthuse them in their work. 

The panel was taken by organizers to Verona where they visited Cedec Library of historical documents from circus, which have been digitalized. Carol particularly admired this lady with her remarkable headwear.  

There was a photographic exhibition of the participating artistes too - this photo of Arthur Cadre who took his own photograph. Which is a particularly special piece. 


Dr Frere a respected circus historian joined the panel for the festival in between his whistle stop tour of Europe and South America visiting circus'. What a passion! And stamina! 

The performances of the artistes were outstanding with standing ovations from the audience at every show. The orchestra and choice of music was varied and sympathetic 

A truly memorable experience for Carol Gandey, She reflects on this trip by saying: "Thank you to my jury friends, the Salieri festival organisation and everyone involved in this magnificent occasion" 


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