Edinburgh Fringe & Tattoo

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are currently performing at Fountainbridge in Edinburgh (3rd - 27th August) during the Fringe festival. So here's a little bit about the festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, hosts the Fringe festival annually for three weeks in August. It's a huge collection of creativity and craftsmanship in entertainment. You can guarantee that there is something you'll enjoy. 2017 had over 50,000 performances of over 3000 shows in over 300 venues.

Fringe 2017

Music, theatre, dance and comedy are the broad categories the festival supports. But you'll also find cabaret, variety shows, events, exhibitions, musicals, opera, physical theatre and even spoken word.

Vogue have collated 6 shows not to miss. These women at the 2018 Fringe bring a diverse range of entertainment. There's a play about posing for a painting, monologues and talks on political matters (such as civil rights) and comedy that addresses female sexuality along with motherhood.
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Jessie Cave
Jessie Cave

If you don't know what Love Island is by now, you've been living under a rock. Some of the comedy at the Fringe this year comes from: the voice over man for Love Island: Iain Stirling, as well as established comedians such as Nish Kumar, Katherine Ryan, Rhod Gilbert and Dylan Moran.

Nish Kumar
Nish Kumar

A running theme throughout 29 of the shows at the Fringe festival this year is the #MeToo Movement. The controversial topic is something that has fueled creativity and expression this Edinburgh Fringe.

Queens of Sheba
'Queens of Sheba'


This year, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has 48 countries now represented. The variety show takes place every year with the historic Edinburgh Castle behind. It's estimated that over 14 million people have come to see the show since it started in 1950. 

Edinburgh Tattoo Edinburgh Castle

Centenary celebrations have begun. This year marks the 100th year anniversary of the Royal Air Force (RAF). So there's no surprise that the show's theme is 'The Sky's The Limit'. Airplanes will be projected on the castle in homage. The directors have said that the performances will mirror our fascinations with flight. The show goes above and beyond the skies by featuring space travel too. Of course the Star Wars theme was going to be in there somewhere.

Programme 2018

Performances run until the 25th of August (2 days before The Lady Boys of Bangkok). Over 1200 cast and crew work together to make this a spectacular show of lights, music, dancing and fireworks. It's thought that 220,000 will see the show throughout August and a global TV audience will reach over 100 million!

2018 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

It's the 68th annual Tattoo and some of the acts this year include: more than 100 Mexican performers playing mariachi music, the Sultan of Oman's 30 plus horses and horseback pipers (and if you like horses you should check out The Spirit of the Horse Show) as well as the Central Band of the Czech Armed Forces.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dress Rehearsal 010818 CREDIT SWNS


On a side note. It seems to be a running gag by Edinburgh Zoo. If we find out any time soon that Tian Tian, Edinburgh's giant panda, is pregnant... sorry but it's probably FAKE NEWS.

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