Women's History Month 2017

On Wednesday (8th March2017) all over the globe International Women's Day (IWD) was celebrated, commemorating the movement for women's rights. 

IWD first started in 1909 in New York but has since then become a world wide event and lead to the designation of Women's History Month as created by National Women's History Project in 1987, which now takes place during the month of March. 

This year's theme for the event is 'Be Bold for Change' and women everywhere are taking bold actions to help progress better outcomes for women in all walks of life.

A number of women have been celebrated for being 'Bold for Change' so far, these ladies are just to name a few: 

Ida Wells - American journalist, suffragist, and civil rights activist
Lotfia El Nadi - Egypt’s first female pilot
Frida Kahlo - Mexican painter and activist
Lina Bo Bardi - Italian-born Brazilian architect
Olga Skorokhodova - Soviet scientist and researcher in the field of deaf and blind communication
Miriam Makeba - South African singer and civil rights activist
Sally Ride - American astronaut and the first woman in space
Halet Çambel - Turkish archaeologist and the first Muslim woman to compete in the Olympics
Ada Lovelace - English mathematician, writer, and the world’s first computer programmer
Rukmini Devi - Indian dancer and choreographer credited with reviving Indian classical dance
Cecilia Grierson - Argentine physician, reformer, and the first woman in Argentina to receive a medical degree
Lee Tai-young - Korean lawyer and activist who was Korea’s first female lawyer and judge
Marie Curie - Polish physicist, chemist, and first woman to win the Nobel Prize

Women's History Month is not just about celebrating women in the past but those who are making change now and about encouraging individuals everywhere to stand up and be bold. 
We think that this shouldn't just be aimed at women but everyone as equals! 

We LOVE celebrating diversity, so this month is the perfect excuse to stand up and stand out (just like The Lady Boys of Bangkok  ;) ) !!

What are you going to do to celebrate Women's History Month?