The Chinese State Circus is Back!

It's back! The world famous and incomparable Chinese State Circus is back in the UK with a brand new production - DYNASTY - playing in theatres and under canvas this August 2016. This is the first time in just over 4 years that the production has visited the UK and it is now, as with our 2012 tour, back under the Gandey World Class Productions umbrella. The show is being presented and produced by it's original creators Carol & Phillip Gandey.

Carol & Phillip Gandey 
The history of the Chinese State Circus spans 25 years when it was conceived by Creative Director Phillip Gandey who became the first Circus Director in Europe to obtain permission from the Chinese Cultural authorities to be allowed to tour a Big Top production of his own creation performed entirely by Chinese acrobats.

Shaolin Warriors
The decision to bring the production back the UK in 2016 was taken after a recent cultural delegacy mission which Phillip took to China. During this time Phillip travelled the country extensively to sample the best circus and acrobatic talent that China has to offer. 

Phillip Gandey is China.
These travels took him to the city of Dalian on the edge of the Yellow Sea in the Liaodong Peninsula, north west China where he found the breathtaking Dalian Troupe. 

Dalian, China
Impressed by their skill and contemporary style, Phillip chose to work with the Dalian Troupe to bring DYASTY to the UK and these are the artistes who will amaze and enthral you this Autumn.

A member of the Dalian Troupe performing her act.
Today marks the second day of rehearsals at the Olympia Theatre in Liverpool. Over the next few days Carol & Phillip Gandey will mould the show into one that deserves the incomparable accolade, ahead of it's debut at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham this Wednesday. 

Phillip had this to say about this years production: “In our latest production we have returned to the pure and honest perfection in acrobatics upon which our reputation is based. We have the world class artistes capable of performing the excellence required. In “DYNASTY” we have created a show with: no retakes...quite simply...the incomparable Chinese State Circus.”

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