Is that you Summer? It's been a while....

Depending on where your reading this from you may or may not know that England has been experiencing what we British can only describe as a miracle.....a HEAT WAVE in April.....that's right shorts, skirts, t-shirts and crop tops have been gloriously flown like the Primark national flag all over the British Isles and just in time for St George's Day as well (please see below for your typical English spring heatwave victim).

There a multitude of things this mini heatwave could be blamed, or should we say THANKED for....Global Warming, the double-dip recession, Europe......but we like to think it has another origin and that's the arrival of the one and only Lady Boys of Bangkok back in the UK. That's right, the Ladies are back with their brand new production for 2015 'Beauties and the Beats' and they've brought the Bangkok weather with them, This years show has choreography, comedy, cabaret and tunes to bring you up off your seat and forget about your troubles! You thought I was going to go for the quadruple c wammy alliteration there didn't you? Well I was, but unfortunately my vocabulary is limited. The tour goes all year long from Brighton to Edinburgh, and you can check out our tour-dates here

In the efforts of keeping this post topical and not just a shameless of our AMAZING new show, it really is amazing you should check it out, we're going to talk about another thing that Summer brings along with weather......Blockbusters!!

First up we an EXCLUSIVE trailer from the not so well known franchise....Star Wars....I use the word 'exclusive' in its antithetical sense as literally everyone and there Wookie mothers have seen this trailer. But what a trailer it is, it gives a poorly aimed 5 to the fans with the inclusion of the old cast such as Harrison Ford and Chewie, and shows enough action/jedi badassery to appeal to anyone not on board with the original and semi-original trilogies. The aptly named 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' or should it be called 'Star Wars: Our Careers Awaken' is out this December and it definitely one to watch!

Now one that you might not have seen is this post-apocalyptic remake of Mad Max....the trailer is something to behold with more explosions, car flips and fracases than Jeremy Clarkson's career! Tom Hardy is heading up the role as Max Rockatansky (great name) who, just as the original, appears to spend most of the film being chased by or chasing very pale villains and we for one can't wait to see that in May!

Last but by no means least we have formidable Mr Bond back in another very serious films dubbed Spectre, where there's sure to be a lot of frowning, shooting and driving! The teaser trailer certainly looks amazing with Daniel Craig reprising the role of the Martini drinking womaniser but SPOILER ALERT without Dame Judi Dench as M because she bit the bullet (quite literally) in Skyfall. Spectre is due out in November.
So there you go folks! The Lady Boys and all these amazing blockbusters to look forward to! Now go out and drink - it is a Friday after all! xxxo