Wintertide on the Equator....

Oh English Winters how we love you!! Those freezing cold temperatures, that brief lump in throat few seconds between turning the ignition and the engine rumbling to life in the morning and that lovely frost - which never has any respect for the fact that you have to be in work in 20 minutes. English winters can be testing, but at least we endure them together and that includes the Lady Boys during their touring months! Luckily for the ladies however, they get to return to beautiful and most importantly warm home country of Thailand between tours, so this weeks blog is a rather envious look at some of the Thai winter scenery they will be experiencing when they return in December!

Temperatures in Bangkok at the time of writing this blog are 29 degrees and that's at 11pm - so it seems living near the equator is anything but straight down the middle (temperature wise that is)! The above picture was taken at the W Hotel in Bangkok - which promises all year round sun bathing within the luxurious capital! See those happy people on the loungers? Jealous yet? Give it time......

How about this one? This doing anything for your jealousy gland? This is photo of the popular winter holiday destination of Koh Larn just of the south coast of Thailand and I'm sure we all agree it looks stunning! From the deep blue waters to the craggy ominous peaks who wouldn't want to spend the winter months here? 

Well if beautiful island vistas don't do anything for about the white sandy, palm tree lined beaches of Koh Samui!? This is another island within the Gulf of Thailand that boasts white beaches and blue seas - and yes the above picture is a typical day during what we know as the winter months!

Here's some sunny sunny temperatures - but a little more cultural this a picture taken in Chiang Mai which is the largest and cultural city in northern Thialand! This particular gleaming monument is known as the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep - which is cities most famous temple dating back to 1383.

We hope this little trip through a wintery Thailand hasn't left you to longing for the sun! The Lady Boys of Bangkok will sure be enjoying these luxuries when they return to Thailand after our finial run in Sheffield finishing on the 6th December! If you find yourself around Sheffield make sure you come along and say goodbye!