World Circus Day and Celebrity Clowns, What More Could You Ask For?

World Circus Day and Celebrity Clowns, What More Could You Ask For?

Circus this, Circus that, you may here us banging on about circuses a lot here at Gandey World Class Productions, but that’s because we like them, I mean who doesn’t love the circus? Whether you’re a die hard circus fan or a wide eyed newcomer to the grandstand, everyone can appreciate the awe and delight a circus show can ignite within an audience. Universal in its appeal and unmatched in its wonders, circus art is truly one vestige worth preserving. There are people out there who understand this fact, and it was one of the main aims in forming the Circus Federation. I mentioned this unique organisation in a previous blog, the one headed by the enigmatic Princess StĂ©phanie (the princess with a soft spot for elephants), and there yearly celebration of circus art known as the World Circus Day.

Well in celebration of this circusy month I’m going to take you on a ride through the surprisingly creepy world of celebrities edited to look like clowns. Some very proficien tphotoshoppers actually took the time to do this, so I suppose it’s only fair we take time to appreciate it. First up there’s the enigmatic Will Smith with the classic pale face red nosed look we all accustom to clownmanship, topped off with a rather dashing top hat. Is there anything this multifaceted actor cannot do? He even makes a convincing clown;the editing is so realistic that you can’t tell if it’s photoshopped or if he’s in makeup for his new film I Am Clown'

 This is my personal favourite, strongman, governnor, murderous time-tavelling android and now clown.

BeyoncĂ© may be sasha fierce in real life, but the sharped edge mouth of the clown make up in this mock up gives a sinister hue to the photo. She pulls it off regardless, but I don’t think Jay Z will be reaching for the primary coloured make-up and hair dye anytime soon.

Now strictly this isn’t a photoshopped image, but this picture of Kate Bush rocking the clown chic is too good to miss. The talented musician pulls off the look effortlessly, and if she ever gets bored of the music scene on her new tour, we would happily have her in one of our shows. Don’t hesitate to call us Kate, possibly a bit high hoped to think she would be reading this, but you just never know.
These pictures and a whole lot more can be found in numerous contest threads on (an image manipulation and contest site), here’s the first one There’s even an evil celebrity clown thread, which is not recommended if you suffer from severe coulrophobia.
I leave you with Maximus DecimusClownidius, thanks Russell. However you decide to celebrate it, have a good circus day folks. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED ?