22 May 2013

The Lady Boys of Bangkok Make Up Challenge!

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are super pleased to be sharing with your their latest endeavour which will be bringing a little bit more glamour and glitz to everyone's life! Teaming up with the fabulously extravagant cult beauty brand Stargazer, the Ladyboys have challenged a selection of bloggers to take on the Lady Boys of Bangkok Make Up Challenge!!

The Lady Boys of Bangkok Make Up Challenge with Stargazer Cosmetics

The idea is very simple, the Lady Boys of Bangkok and Stargazer cosmetics have joined forces to send 5 bloggers a selection of make up to get creative with. We literally cannot wait to see what amazing make up artistry the beautiful blog writers come up with for the challenge, and to make it even more exciting we have also thrown in a prize of 2 x tickets to the Lady Boys of Bangkok's new show 'Glamorous Amorous' for the winner of the most inspiringly creative and glamorous look. Not only do these wonderful make up marvels create amazing looks on their blogs already, but we are excited to see how they utilise the products the LadyBoys and Stargazer have selected for them to use! Want to see what what we're so excited about? Check out their links below:

Beauty's Bad Habit

Make Up Mouse

Blog Of Shadows

Diary of a Make Up Geek

Andrew James Blog

Have a cheeky poke around their blogs to check out their amazing skills. We cannot wait to see what they come up with for the challenge! We will announce who has won this fabulous competition from these awesome blog writers on the 17th of July 2013.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and events to take part in, we are working on some great projects which we can't wait to share! If you're a blogger who wants to keep in the loop, head to this post and leave your details in the comments section :)

21 May 2013

Lady Boy Looks - Feathers and Fancy

If there is one thing the Lady Boys of Bangkok know their way around, it's definitely a make up bag. Packed full of magic pots and potions to complete their look for the tour, the Ladyboys enjoy playing around and experimenting with new looks and techniques. Each year the team at Gandey World Class Productions put together look books and mood boards to inspire the creative side of the costume designers and make up artists ready for the next tour. This year you may have seen the stunning blue and white feather costumes which the Lady Boys have been wearing for one of their acts. These costumes were all brainstormed in to existence some time in 2012 whilst the Lady Boys were still in the UK touring. Based on the Victoria's Secret catwalk show designs these are some of the fanciest and most beautiful costumes yet and the girls absolutely love them! We thought we would share with you a little mood board we are working on to carry forward the feather theme on to future projects. It's on a sneaky peak but it gives you a bit of an idea of how much research and development it put in to each tour!

Image created with original and additional content from Pinterest

Scouring sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Blogs we look for trends and inspiration that we can incorporate in to the shows - it's all about colour, texture, fabric and fun! There is always a fine compromise between keeping the traditional elements of the Lady Boys of Bangkok in place alongside introducing a range of new costumes and set designs for the forthcoming year, but it's a task the team really enjoy doing and it's always brilliant to see the audiences reaction when the new show hit's the stage!

20 May 2013

The Year of Steampunk

IBM have recently announced that steampunk will be the next big retail trend to sweep the western world.  Although not famed for predicting the fashion of tomorrow the American multi-national have used their ‘prediction machine’ and told us to expect steampunk styling in fashion, clothing, accessories and furnishings by 2014. So what should we expect?

An image showing steampunk high highheels

13 May 2013

A Glamorous Opportunity!

This is a call to all the glamorous beauty, lovely lifestyle and fabulous fashion bloggers out there:
 The Lady Boys of Bangkok want YOU! 

Glamorous Amorous Tour UK 2013

No, no, we're not asking you to join the ladyboys on stage or change any *ahem* appendages (unless you want to of course). Gandey World Class Productions have some very exciting projects in the pipeline; from review opportunities to beauty challenges, and we would like to get you involved with some of these endeavours! 

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are currently touring the UK with their Glamorous Amorous show, with the next stops being Cardiff and Manchester so we are focussing on these area's right now to work with blog writers for review purposes, but don't worry if you're not in these area's as the ladyboys tour up until the end of November so there's plenty of other dates and locations to come along to. We are also working closely with some exciting beauty brands to develop an idea which all bloggers regardless of location in the UK can get involved with. Not only this but we will also have opportunities for forthcoming shows which are currently in the final stages of development. 

''What are you looking for on my blog?'' We hear you cry! Well, here are a few examples of posts from bloggers we have worked with in the recently, as you can see there is variation and each post demonstrates the writers own unique style:







We understand that your blog is exactly that - yours. So how you choose to write about your experience is up to you, the more creative the better! All we ask for in return is to use specific links back to the websites we will send you which relate to the show you are writing about (all our own websites by the way, no dodgy SEO tactics here! And there will be more than the Lady Boys of Bangkok to write about in the future you see!). For the beauty challenge posts we have planned we want you to showcase your creativity and maybe a mention of the brands involved. But if you do decide to work with us then don't worry, everything will be confirmed and made a little more clear via email closer to the time.

So: If you are interested please leave your name, blog URL, email address and social media handles in the comment section below. Alternatively please e-mail terri@arts-exchange.com if you do not want to make these details public.

There are ongoing opportunities, so if you are not suitable for one project this doesn't mean that you won't be suitable for future ones! And please don't be shy, we want a range of blogs and bloggers from the established to the newbies.