New Nail Releases 2013!

Nail art is something that has sky rocketed in popularity over the last 3 years or so. With so many new innovations and DIY kits to create stunning nail looks at home it's no wonder that companies are constantly looking to release the next big thing for your finger tips! It wasn't long ago that we saw the introduction of the 'Caviar Manicure' and more recently the 'Chalkboard Manicure', but here is a round up of some of the latest nail polish picks to hit the shelves soon that we are ever so excited about:

Sequin effects, denim effect, ultra violet nail art.

From sequins to denim, there seems to be a mixture of trends which are flooding the nail art world for 2013. The new denim effect nail varnish from Bad Apple Cosmetics is a lovely denim blue shade with a hint of shimmer, which will be well up to date with the 90's come back in fashion which seems to be happening right now. We can just picture it - our Lady Boys of Bangkok rockin' the dungaree's with jellie sandals and denim nails! In a slightly more colourful and pretty direction we have the new Barry M Nail Paints in an array of Sequin Effects. They remind us a little bit of 'It's a Trap-eze' from the Cirque Du Soleil China Glaze collection we blogged about back in February, especially the lighter shade on the right! And finally, released online today we have the brand new Paranormal range from those cult beauty pioneers Illamasqua. It hasn't been long since they wow-ed us with their I'mperfection range featuring those speckled nail effects, but they have certainly wow-ed us again with this new innovative UV nail varnish. Not only do they have a range of striking colours which glows under ultra violet light, but they also have a top coat which means you could make any of your favourite colours a  glowing UV spectacular! 

Which nail look will be gracing your finger tips?