Macadamia Oil - The Ultimate Hair Range!

If you weren't already aware, the Ladyboys of Bangkok take their appearance very seriously. They are always playing with the latest make up brands and trying out the latest trends. Despite wearing a wonderful array of wigs and hair pieces throughout some of the acts, the Lady Boys like to show off their natural locks as much as possible! When back in Thailand the Lady Boys of Bangkok often turn to the old favourite Coconut Oil and have been using it for many years on their hair and skin (it really is wonderful stuff!) but now and again they discover new products which give them such a dazzling result it's hard to look back! The Macadamia Natural Oil Range is a selection of those products which the Lady Boys now simply cannot put down! From root to tip, start to finish, there is a perfect product to keep hair in top condition.
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The Macadamia Oil Shampoo is a shampoo like no other. It's a fairly watery formula which ultimately means a little goes a very long way. You can get away with using this alone without the Macadamia Oil Moisture Rinse, but after 2 x 2ish hours of shows plus rehearsals every day on tour, the Lady Boys often want to clean, cleanse and condition their hair with both! Weekly the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque is a brilliant moisture top up and also keeps hair strong and restored after all that styling and preening throughout the week. It's a luxuriously thick treatment which smells divine! This also helps to keep the Ladyboys of Bangkok's hair long and luscious. The Macadamia Oil range has two different types of oil treatments at the moment - one is the Healing Oil in a spray form and the other  is the treatment alone. Both can be used in very similar ways as they are post wash treatments, but the spray is wonderful for a final touch up of shine and condition just before stepping on to the stage! The oil treatments are also brilliant for blow drying and styling freshly washed hair.

Macadamia Oil products are available to buy at The Beauty Store alongside the Glamorous Amorous Tours sponsor range Bad Apple Cosmetics.  Everything you need in one place to look radiant!